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    Online Gaming

    Do you guys play any online games? Be it through the browser or stand-alone softwares? Share any good online games you have played here.

    I definitely recommend Popomundo and Football Glory.

    Popomundo is a browser based online game where you become a pop star and try to climb your way up to become the best in the music industry. This game certainly got me hooked.

    Football Glory is a football managing game. It has all original teams, like Inter, Barcelona, Manchester United and even some obscure teams like FC Sheriff (the team I'm managing). But all the players are fake. This game's really good, and you have to interact with other managers a lot to sell and buy players.
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    I played a game of blackjack but that link aint working anymore...If anyone knows a good BJ game online that doesnt need downloading please tell me...

    I actually had 500$(virtual money) and got up to 215000$...I know its just a game with no payout but still i am becoming an expert..
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    I just to play alot of FOOTBALLMANAGER which is also an online football managing game, where interaction with other managers is necessary. However, I reliased many flaws and I stepped away from it.

    I play a Modification for Quake 3 online alot. It is called Urbanterror ( ) and it's similar to Counter Striker, but alot better IMO. Due to the realism, or bleeding body parts, bandaging, stamina level etc etc.
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