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Thread: NO draws - Sepp Blatter...(What the..)

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    NO draws - Sepp Blatter...(What the..)

    Dear Joseph Sepp Blatter,

    I heard that you've spoken your mind about football matters.Yes, that's fair enough. But, to think you've said you wanted to eradicate Draws from the beautiful game is absolutely ludicrous! And you suggest penalty shootouts to decide the outcome of matches?Are you loco?That way, we'll play 6-3-1,so we'll hang on to a clean sheet and rely on Toldo to save us 3 points.And won't that harm the game's progress?That way, no Henry or Martins will be required.Only Defenders'll benefit. Now, even if i was to agree with your decision, what thehell?Why wasn't it sooner??When Cuper was in charge, we played 2 milan derbies in the champs league .Both were at San Siro. First leg, supposedly Inter at home, score was: 0-0. Second leg, Milan home, 1-1.And they went through !If penalties were introduced, god damn it, we could have won! However, also by doing that, Arsenal's unbeaten run in the premiership would not have been possible.And one day, we'll see Juve relegated once Buffon's injured and can't save the penalty shootout . And another thing senőr Blatter, did you fine cameroon for wearing that one piece strip?What a shame, man. If athletes coul wear it, why not football plyerz?Arent they athletes, senőr? Hope to see you retire soon ...Arrividerci

    Sincerely yours,
    Its been a pleasure,
    [ Recoba87 / Zaidriano / Sisedriano ]

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    Good post recoba and I agree with you. I couldn't belive it when I read Blatter thought all draws should be decided by penalty shoot outs. A lot of the time penalties are just luck anyway, if the keeper guesses the right way then he saves it. As for the Cameroon fine, this has virtually stopped any chance of them being in the world cup!

    Blatter has given me many good laughs over these past few months. Often he goes around talking crap but no one takes him seriously and just waits to hear what he thinks up next. It is weird he is the head of football with some of the comments he comes out with

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    Blatter seems to want to put his prints over soccer so badly that he is trying to insert any idea no matter how bad it is....He should sometimes think twice before he says things and try to improve the game in other ways than the things that make it competitive.Thank god this idea didnt get any support by the greats of the game.
    Ziyad Of Boston

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