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Thread: Shit Happens!

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    Shit Happens!

    Ok! this is a thread to express and share everything that sucks in your life! talk about your anger, upsets and setbacks! and let us all help each other!

    Here's an e-mail I got from someone I know:

    I've destroyed my face via cosmetic surgery, a simple procedure that went horribly wrong. Corrective surgery only made things worse. I look so horrific I can't leave my house. The 24/7 anxiety has made most of my hair fall out. I can't believe just 2 years ago people were confusing me with Brad Pitt. I know suicide would be too hard on my family, and my surgeon, he feels terrible. To make matters worse, I really like the guy. He's a wonderful person and has helped countless people. Hopefully the stress on my heart will end this suffering very soon. Charles, 25.
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