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Thread: Sampdoria vs Inter Match Report

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    Sampdoria vs Inter Match Report

    Hello Interfriends,

    After an awful loss to Roma which left Inter 9 points behind Juventus a full 3 points were needed in another difficult match away to Sampdoria. Unfortunatly Inter did not have the answer to win and only managed a 2-2 draw after being down in the match twice.

    Its a tough moment for this Inter side. They no longer look balanced, the attacking flair seems to be less and above all the backline looks once again suspect as Inter have let in 5 goals in the past two games 4 of which were on counter-attacks.

    Today's game was no different as Inter just looked a step behind in the first half and Diana scored twice for Sampdoria on the counter to have the home fans dreaming. Luckily Inter were able to reply each time and with goals from Cambiasso and Cordoba the damage was not as bad as a point was saved.

    It was reported that C. Zanetti would get the start in this match but a late flu and fever hit the Italian midfielder and Mancini was forced to play Pizarro along side Cambiasso with Veron out due to suspension. Solari regains his spot on the left with Figo on the right but niether did anything to impress today. Infact they were both way below par to even get a mention.

    The major change was at the back as Mihjalovic played along side Samuel for the supsend Materazzi and could be the main reason for Sampdoria's second goal as Diana was unmarked.

    Sampdoria started at full speed and finds the opening goal after just 6 minutes played as Pisano breaks down the right and sends a cross to the far post. Solari does a horrible job in marking Diana who makes his run from the midfield to head the ball into the net making it 1-0.

    The match was entertaining to watch as the early goal forced Inter to attack but Solari and then Adriano both failed to convert chances. On the other side, Inter's back line was leaking from all sides and Gasbarroni, Bonazzoli and Palombo all had chances but Julio Cesar was up to the task as he made some miracle saves in this match and had no fault on either Samp goals.

    Sampdoria plain and simple were the better team in the first half. They were quick, had movement and were a threat when in possession. Inter on the other hand was very slow. They little movement by the wingers and even worse when Pizzaro had the ball.

    I don't know what happened to this guy. His positioning was always off and his once trademark of quick control and quick release is gone. Everytime he had the ball he held on to it for hours and never did anything!! At one point he dribbled left and right horizontally about 4 times without releasing the ball or beating his marker. He was very counter productive today.

    Luckily Inter do have the class despite shortcomings in play and Martins provides the spark as he jumps high to head the ball to Cambiasso in the box and he strikes it on the half volley to make it 1-1. Not many players on the Inter side get top marks today but Cambiasso once again was all over the pitch and the best player for Inter. Sometimes I wonder if he has a twin playing at the same time...he is everywhere!

    Sampdoria understand however that Inter can be beaten if pressed and they came forward in numbers whenever possible. This time its Diana that is left all alone on the penalty spot and he scores a great header past Cesar to make it 2-0 at the 35 minute only 4 minutes after Cambiasso's goal.

    There is no excuse for this type of goal. If Inter are to challenge for major prizes they need a tight ship and allowing a player all the time and space in the world in the box of all places is unacceptable!

    Inter are stunned and continue to find it hard to create play and chances but luckily there charachter and spirit was enough to come back into the game as they did press forward. They do find the goal as Cordoba heads in a Mijhalovic free kick to make it 2-2 before the first half ends.

    The second half started much more equal as Inter do start to rise to the occasion and go for the win. Cambiasso should have had the game winner as he makes a run into the box from an Adriano feed and shoots but Antonioli now makes a miracle save to tip the ball over the bar.

    Martins also had a similar chance as Wome who came in as a sub sends him down the left wing. Martins cuts inside, beats the marker in the box and lets go a shot that again Antonioli tips over the bar. Two game winning chances that were not to be.

    As you can see I have mentioned many players but barely anything on Adriano. The reason is that he had a horrible game and apart from a shot in the first half and a good pass for Cambiasso he did nothing. Adriano was all over the park, on the left, on the right, in the midfield but just like Pizzaro he was counter-productive and never did anything useful with the ball.

    As the second half progressed, Sampdoria was running out of gas and Inter took the upper hand. The chance by Martins mentioned above should have won the game but did not find the net. Sampdoria actually then comes closest and just miss all three points as Bonazzoli hits the crossbar in the final mintues of the match.

    In the end a draw was a fair result but I still cant be happy for this Inter side. They look lack lustre, and they are losing points due to bad displays for no reason. Just like against Roma they had an awful first half only to have a very good second. Is it bad mental preperation? Is it over confidence and then shock of going behind?

    I really don't know but the point is we are now 8 points behind and we missed a great chance to close the gap as Milan beat Juve in the late game. I guess its on to next week and hope that the Champions League will help to bring some spark back into this side and get us back on track for a long season.


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    Thanx for the wonderful match report Eddie
    I agree with your overall match observation,espsecially when it comes to performances of Adriano & Cambiasso.
    We are not looking the same time without our beloved Capitano
    I'm counting the days until his comeback..... get well Javier we need you

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    Oh I can't deci

    I agree with Eddy, we need a spark that will set us off. Its still to early to write this team off but at the same time if we dont pick get our act together soon, we wont have much to fight for.

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