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Thread: which club side is widelly regarded as the better one???

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    which club side is widelly regarded as the better one???

    what side is considered by most of poeple/football fans all over the world as the better one:Barcelona 1992(OF Cryuff) OR AJAX 95'(OF VAN GAAL)?
    please,pay attention to this:the question is not(!!) what team do you think was better between the 2.the question is what team,between those 2,most of poeple/football fans around the world rate higher-the Barcelona side which won the CL in 92',or the Ajax side which won the CL in 95'??
    I would be happy if you can also explain me how and from where do you know which side poeple rate higher between those it's not enough to answer the need to explain it also.
    and one more time:don't tell me which club side was better in your personal opinion.tell me which side is regarded by most of poeple as the better one.

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    There's no need to create 2 absolutely similar topic. This one is closed.

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