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Thread: Mockery Inter?

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    Mockery Inter?

    Kaka tells Adriano: You'd be happier at AC Milan

    Kaka has told Adriano to quit Inter and join him at AC Milan.
    The midfielder was asked about his Brazil teammate's problems at Inter and replied: "The cure for him to find again his happiness is to come to Milan for two years.

    "We are a team that enjoys ourselves. He will find again, with us, his smile." -> tribalfootball

    Kaka already knew Adriano never join Bilan. but that's ignore Inter. intentional thing....

    I really very angry. Inter... be the derision of another football club fans. here Korea also... phucking curse.. of course this is not first time.

    Especially Bilan controll bilanista base media and Bilan use this media for attack Inter. but Inter very sincere. finally suffer an indignity.

    Interista really busy. because many european football fans always say Inter is always overrate, Inter some lack, Inter really stupid , Inter with curse etc. bla bla... so Interista always defend this or reopen the oral proceedings.

    Finally we had the feeling of being victimized.

    If when we win Scudetto or UCL? mechanically that people shut the mouth. but frankly this season also.......

    I really want kiling this season Inter players!!!!! this players like a mentally deranged person.

    Sorry Moratti.
    Next season Messi will be Inter player.

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    I've always maintained the policy: Ignore what $hitholes say. And here, since, literally, a $hit said something, I'm gonna ignore it too.


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    good advise !
    Ich bin muede.

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    I hope Adriano comes out to shut him up himself..More importantly give them misery in the derby..

    Its not like Milan have been the happiest of teams..
    Ziyad Of Boston

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    Once again this is pure bullshit from stupid sites.

    This is the article published by, where Kaka' only says that he wished Adriano could play well with BRAZIL and not MILAN. Kaka' added that he wished Inter and Brazil would find an agreement.

    You guys should really stop reading shit like tribalfootball.
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