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Thread: Inter - Parma: Match-Preview

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    Inter - Parma: Match-Preview


    Doom-day has arrived and Inter has once again the opportunity to choke. ‘Wohoo!’, says our over-paid superstars and are preparing themselves in possible the worst way that exists.

    Or could I actually be wrong? Will Inter finally acknowledge just how big this team is and what disgraces they are making of themselves? Most likely not, since very few of our players perform for Inter´s sake. However, Facchetti has apparently paid a visit to Appiano Gentile after the Lecce game and told them off. Materazzi and Kily has been two players who has spoken that Facchetti really humiliated them. Will it make a difference? We´ll have to wait and see. Just want to warn all of you that a team that lacks pride will not respond on such degrading comments.

    If we´re supposed to consider Parma a big team, the record against big teams this season is worthless, per usual. We´ve only won against Juve (and that twice!), but the rest of the games we have more or less sucked. So my expectations for this game is close to zero. I think we can at best draw against Parma and hand Lazio the CL spot. Well, if Inter will choke as usual, I wish that Lazio get that place anyway.

    Positive and negative points of going and not going to the CL:


    • IF we go to the Champions League, we will receive a lot of extra money that we wouldn´t get if we go to the CL.
    • We´ll be back with the big boys in Europe again
    • We´ll be able to keep players that are just here to play for a big team in big competitions.
    • IF we DON´T go to the Champions League, it would be positive in the sense that Zacherroni risks a bigger chance of getting fired.


    • IF we go to the Champions League it will be negative in two senses:

      1. We will receive those extra cash which we use in such ludicrous way no matter what. We´ll probably buy some players who we don´t need at all.

      2. We would have to start our pre-season a month earlier because of the CL qualifying matches. Considering the Euro 2004, this might become devastating for us, since our players at the end of next season would suffer from serious fatigue.
    • If we fail to qualify for the CL, we might not be able to attract the very few players who could actually be of use for us. I´m not talking about big super-stars, because that our team is full of. I´m talking about youngsters that a lot of teams are looking for, and if we want to be in the race, we also need a great reputation.

    These are some elements that we will play for against Parma. Shhhhh…. Don´t say all this to our players, because then they would choke even more.

    How´s the status in our team right now, then? Well, we have some injured players on their way back, such as Recoba, Van der Meyde and Cristiano Zanetti. It´s going to take a miracle before Van der Meyde get a chance in this team, but Recoba seems to be a player that during the week has been brilliant in the practice matches. One has to admire Recoba this season who´s actually been very consistent and a protagonist each time he has played. Such luck that this season he has been more injured than fit.

    Christian Vieri has seemingly been on a good mood this week, so that means that Zac has probably told him that he will start no matter what happens. Will Zac bench Adriano or will he try this duo once more? Most likely, this duo will play, but there´s been rumours that Adriano suffers from fitness problem. Let´s hope not.
    Maybe the trio Recoba- Vieri – Adriano will play. Would be interesting to see, but that leaves one of Stankovic (yeah right) or Emre on the bench. My opinion is that both Emre and Stankovic should start.

    We´ll struggle against Parma in defence, for sure. Their attacking players are very good at movement, while we completely suck at it. If Gilardino won´t score, then someone like Bresciano will. Someone who will make that faking movement, and then our defenders are clueless of where to be. This is why we need to put pressure on Parma in midfield already, and win the balls there. If Cristiano Zanetti play, he´ll be a very important part of the puzzle we have to create to win this game.

    Parma has a full squad and a formation they´ve used all season, so they have the advantage. Inter is better on paper and has proved before that they can win against Parma. They have the match-winners, but it´s needed that one of them (or preferably more) put on the responsibility for this game.

    Don´t let us down again!

    Jimmy Fredholm

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    nice one jimmy !

    Plzz Inter..... for god sake... win this game

    I won't be going to my hostel tomorrow only for the sake of this game....

    plzzzz Inter

    :cry2: :cry2:

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    Excellent work Jimmy

    I dont agree with one point though which is negative when getting the CL spot and entering preparations earlier.I actually think that helped us last year when we did enter camp early. We saw a more prepared Inter on both the domestic level and CL. Therefore it maybe a blessing in disguise and we have an extra step on the rest of the opponents especially if we face the big teams early.Although the coach must know that its a long season and use players accordingly so that they arent too tired at the end and we do have the quality and quantity to do that IMHO.
    Ziyad Of Boston

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    Adriano - #10

    Very nice points Jimmy though I still think that its better to have cash and spend it not so wisely (which I doubt will be done in the summer) then to not have it at all

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    Good preview jimmy.
    Forza Inter per sempre!!!!
    Jose responding after the derby:"We could only have lost by having six people on the park, as even with seven, we would have won. "
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    Great preview Jimmy!
    Quote Originally Posted by DM_ View Post
    Then we'll just buy the federation and create our own rules.
    Quote Originally Posted by Pimpin View Post
    I dont think juventus are willing to sell

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    I can't believe that you missed out the most negative point IMO, Jimmy. That is, we tend to do better in the league when we don't play in the CL and get distracted by it. A recent example is season 01/02 and 02/03. We played more consistently and got 69 points in the former season. The latter, we were more inconsistent and only got 65 points. And of course, this season when we were in the CL, we did badly in the league, although our luck didn't change after we were knocked out too.


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    And in 99/00 and 00/01 we were awful in the league despite not being in the Champions League.

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    Thanks for Adriano,who kicked a beautiful goal to his former Parma!
    Forza inter!

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