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Thread: Milan - Inter (28 Oct 06) Match report

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    Milan - Inter (28 Oct 06) Match report

    Hello Interfriends,

    The wait is finally over! After 10 straight home Derby's for Inter, the Nerazzuri can finally celebrate a fantastic win over Milan! In dramatic fashion, Inter beat Milan 3-2 in a crazy derby filled with everything from sublime skill to crazy tackles. From two penalties and bad refereeing on both sides to a dramatic winner in injury time by ADRIANO!! What a way to win a Derby.

    Overall Inter were the better team today and played to win with the Adriano-Martins combo up front and with a legendary Cambiasso fighting for every ball in the midfield. Credit also to the rest of the team who fought like lions and to Veron and Samuel who you could see were the leaders on the pitch directing the players and keeping the fighting spirit alive all match.

    With Recoba and Materazzi not playing due to injury, Mancini sticks to the 4-4-2 formation with Adriano-Martins up front with Cambiasso and Veron in the center. Stankovic and Figo play wide however the change here was Stankovic on the right side with Figo on the left. J. Zanetti Samuel, Cordoba and Favalli round out the defence with J. Cesar in goal.

    Inter start fast and well as they hold the ball and play. Credit must go to Mancini on this has he strives and forces his team to play the ball and keep possesion rather than long balls as we are used to in the past. Veron plays his position perfectly as he supports the attack with inch perfect passes while Cambiasso holds the midfield working and forcing mistakes out of the milan players.

    Figo and Stankovic also had good matches. Not so much for final balls or shots on net, but they pushed forward when in possesion and that kept the Milan wing backs on alert making them stay at home rather than pushing foward as is there trademark.

    The game overall was evenly played with both teams playing well but it was Referee Messina who should get the headlines in this match. A ref is judged to be great when he is invisible. Well in this match he is the exact opposite as Messina was horrible making bad call after bad call. His only saving grace was that he was bad for both sides and did not favor niether team.

    The prime example of this came at the 24th minute as Martins and Adriano play a one - two. Martins runs into the box chasing the through pass with Nesta having the advantage. Nesta falls to the ground and for Messina its a penalty shot for Inter. The only thing I can guess is he called a hand ball on the defender. It was a very soft penalty to give away but Adriano stepped up and scored to make it 1-0.

    Ten minutes later, Messina maybe realizes the penalty given to Inter was questionable so decides to even things up for Milan. From a Free kick from outside the box by Pirlo, Messina awards another penalty. The ball which clearly comes off of Cambiasso's head and deflecting onto a fore-arm was enough for Messina to give another hand ball this time against Inter. Both penalites had no intent, both hand balls if they existed could be judged non-voluntary but Messina gave them anyway and Shevchenco scores to tie the match at 1-1 before the break.

    In the second half the story does not change much. Both teams play well but its Inter who seems to be first to the ball and seem to move better as they play the ball around well to keep possesion and try to launch Figo or Stankovic wide on the flanks when possible.

    Milan on the other side look to use the direct ball and its Kaka who shows amazing skill several times during the second half running at Inter whenever he could with great affect. The game at this point was getting a bit out of hand as Kaka and Veron clashed while other fouls on the pitch became frequent. At the 14th minute though the game changes for the better as Inter take the lead once again.

    Adriano steps up to take a 25 yard free kick and sends his trademark curling bomb of a shot towards goal. Dida does very well to dive across and make the save but could not hold the ball. Its Martins who is first to react and runs in to poke it past Dida and into the net to make it 2-1 erupting the crowd and Martins who celebrates with 5 flips!

    If there can be one critisim of Inter tonight it can be said after the goal was scored. It seemed to me that they were content with the 2-1 lead and laid back just a bit too much. In my opinion they should have continued to play the possesion game but with Milan now pressing to get back into the game, Inter seemed to stay back to much and wanted to absorb the pressure rather than keep pressure on Milan.

    With Milan pressing and above all with Kaka now having more room to run through the midfield Milan threatened to tie the match on more than one occasion. The major threat came from Kaka as he cuts inside and shoots for the far corner. The ball takes a deflection off an Inter defender and hits the post saving Inter from a sure goal. It was just a matter of time though as Stam scores at the 38th minute of the second half from a free kick near the corner flag. The big defender Jumps higher than all to head the ball past Cesar to make it 2-2.

    The game seems destined to finish in a draw that does little for either team. However in the most dramatic of fashion Inter press forward in the final moments and Cruz who came in for Martins wins a corner for Inter in full injury time. Veron steps up and sends a perfect cross into the box which is met by Adriano who heads it past Dida for an amazing last second winner!!

    What a way to win the Derby. What a moment for Adriano who has had his fair share of bad media and what a moment for Inter as they finally beat Milan in the home Derby after 10 games without a win. It was a great moment to see Adriano run down the field swining the Blue and Black jersey as he points to the shirt then to the sky in celebration!

    The win now moves Inter into second place on 32 points along side Fiorentina who have the same total. Milan slips to 4th with 31 points but at the end of the day its still Juve that are smiling as they won there match earlier today and still sit on top of Serie A with 42 points.

    We can worry about catching Juve on another day, but right now we the Inter Fans can sit back and sing MILANO SIAMO NOI because we have won the 263rd Derby of Milan!!!!!

    Forza INTER

    Eddy Lio

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    eddY!!!!! geat stuff brother.

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    Great report
    Forza Inter per sempre!!!!
    Jose responding after the derby:"We could only have lost by having six people on the park, as even with seven, we would have won. "
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    Eddy thats real great
    Which matches do you feel more, those with Juventus or Milan?
    "With Milan, without doubt. And I don't like the Rossoneri fans either because they have a way of behaving, particularly when they win, that I don't appreciate."
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    Beautiful stuff mate!
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    great win and great report, Eddy

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    Great report buddy!
    Post more!
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    Great report & great joy to read as usual

    I totally agree with your overall match observation, especially when we were leading 2:1, we should have been more positive at those moments & go for the throat to make it 3:1.

    I would also like to mention that, since IL CAPITANO returned from injury we have witnessed a change in our fortunes for the good.......this is definitely not coincidental.

    We finally defeated those classless imbeciles, who are never gracious in defeat, nor in victory


    P.S did anyone notice how that monkey face aka Craptuso kicked a bottle at the end of the match in sheer frustration

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    darr out man your da bomb ur a pro!!

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    All at Inter


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    I have written a preview of 265th derby for Russian Eurofootball web site. If anyone would like to read (in Russian), so here's the address:
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