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Thread: Anyone playing Football Manager here?

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    Anyone playing Football Manager here?

    Well, I do. Have got a wonderful (but sweating) idea. What about creating a ''Classic Internazionale'' in 2005? Replace the present players with players like Jair, Mazzola, Zenga, Bordon, Meazza, Angelillo, Bergomi, Facchetti etc etc. Create a team with no one but important players from Inter history. Of course, Javier should stick around then.

    So, what do you think, guys? I'm afraid I have way to small amount of knowledge and so on to do it myself, though. Just felt like posting the thoughts, at least.
    "It will be born here, at the "Orologio (Watch)" restaurant, meeting place of artists and it will be always a team of great talent. On this splendid night it's colours will be given: The black and the blue with a golden background of the stars. It will be called Internazionale, because we are brothers of the world."

    Mourinho for Inter coach 2008/2009! --> Mourinho = Inter coach 2008/2009!

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    As a matter of fact SI Games wanted to release a classic CM(with all the legends of the game) a few years ago but they didn't do it because they were lacking a lot of details about the players, like their contracts for example.

    I don't think the most of us know the classic players well enough to judge them and set their attributes, but it's an interesting idea.

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    Look under the Off Topic forum. This topic is closed.

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