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Thread: Post-derby pearls from Milan forums

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    Post-derby pearls from Milan forums

    Sour grapes:

    Quote Originally Posted by paratroopa
    It's pathetic some of you are actually trying to find an excuse for our defeat. This is Inter people, they have knack for winning when it doesn't count. I give our guys credit for coming back into the game twice in a match that was made more complicated by the ref.

    I'm actually happy because even though I still feel we're the strongest Italian team, the results suggest otherwise and it is therefore highly probably that we will get some reinforcements... And we're already strong...

    U have to understand as well, that for Inter fans any kind of victory would have been appreciated, those guys have been suffering for a long time. To me their victory was a total fluke, every time our forwards and Kaka' threatened they would lose their composure and make these careless lunges ? That kind of defending won't get you very far.
    This one was watching some other game:

    Quote Originally Posted by Steven_7
    Second half, Milan had most of possesion and created their fair share of chances, trying to score not only from set pieces but from open play as well. Unlucky, we hit the post once and had some other good efforts blocked. We had some 5 min periods where we tottaly dominated Inter's midfield. On the other hand, Inter created only 3 chances, banging in 2 of them that came from set pieces and Adriano missing the other one after yet another piece of lousy defending from Kakha Kaladze...
    It's Messina's fault- part 1:

    Quote Originally Posted by ac_milan_foreva
    man the referee was ****ing crap. he didnt know what to do.. where is colina when u need him? he is the only ref that can handle games like this. ANCELOTTI is a dam *****. all his substitutions were just straight switches.. i mean vieri for gila when u are 1 goal down?? wtf was that.. i think its time for a new coach.
    It's Messina's fault- part 2:

    Quote Originally Posted by Bandiera
    If it is'nt bad playing poorly and screwing up ourselves we have to have these Pathetic Referee's deciding games like this.We've been screwed up countless times this season,and already battling biased Ref's for you know who it get's to the point of saying why do we bother.
    We were unlucky:

    Quote Originally Posted by Diavolo
    Where to start Well, Old Diav will try to be as concise as possible
    May I start with adding that what IMHO separates this year to 1994, has to do with one factor only
    You may all think, that due to the fact that being a Devil that brings with it, having been around since always I may have indeed gone nuts Nothing can be so wrong unfortunately
    Before I uncover what indeed separates a well above average year to a year that we all could have looked upon in the same fashion as 1994 I must underline that despite being a Devilish Team with all that goes with being linked with Uncle Lucifer, Hell and Evil in general may I underline that this should be considered only as a methafore of our in depth keeness towards exitment, overwhelming enthusiasm and flamboyance with our beatiful combination of colours: Red&Black an indeed seducing represantation og the above described virtues
    Having said so much, or so little about our Devilish Essence having said that unfortunately we do not posses a virtue so often linked with The Devil himself, that I will not name may I now uncover what indeed has separated 2005 to 1994
    Unlucky Ref Calls
    Now, I will not turn this into an accusation towards other teams, since my only desire is to call upon a Lady that has turned her back on us since last years Serie A opener Milan vs Livorno her name is, needless perhaps even to add: Lady Luck
    Where the hell has she been in these last 18 months?
    Having said that for sure, other clubs may rightfully claim that Lady Luck has also turned a blind eye on them, may I just add that I certainly believe so, but, if a team can perhaps claim that they were releagted in 2nd division due to the fact that a direct rival was blissed by Lady Luck throughout the season, us Milanisti were fortunately challenging at another level, and, against another team. So basically, everything should be put in the same context. Now, without having to list all the wrong calls that have afflicted The Devilhood since the above mentioned Serie A season opener 2004/05: Milan vs Livorno, in which our GK was redcarded, after only 8 minutes of play, for a foul that ever since, has not been sanctioned in the same fashion, in recalling an infinite number of unfavourable calls as opposed to an infinite number of favourable calls that have unfortunately blissed our direct rival for the Serie A title last season, even though at some point the even imposed a press silence for reason yet to be explained with evident signs of the same pattern this season having said that after having reviewed that penalty awarded to Liverpool that was indeed a by the book kind of penalty, if indeed a penalty it ever was having to point out once again that this thread is only intended as a wink towards Lady Luck as the season is almost fully compromised, please Lady Luck, we beg you, havy pity towards us for once

    Forza Lady Luck
    Forza Milan

    Moggi, magari' mori' oggi!!!!!
    Galliani magari' mori' domani!!!!
    Lotito verme!!!!

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    I didn't read the last one, won't give that much attention on a BBMerda fan
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    What are these cazzi whining about? Sour grapes one and all.

    Milos must have some tremendous resistance to incoherent bullshit. Still, thanks for the roundup of garbage talk from the enemy camp.


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    Wahaha prety funny seems like they re prety desperate!!!
    I can t wait what they ll say when BBilan goes back to SERIE B!!!
    Which matches do you feel more, those with Juventus or Milan?
    "With Milan, without doubt. And I don't like the Rossoneri fans either because they have a way of behaving, particularly when they win, that I don't appreciate."
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    F*ck all this Devil, Lucifer, Hell kind of stuff.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Miki
    What are these cazzi whining about? Sour grapes one and all.
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    Lolz, what else did you expect when you go to someone's forum after a defeat.

    anyways I dont think Milanse fans are that important that we should bother reading all the crap that they have to say.
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    Jealous little people. How appropriate for Milanisti to act that way.

    They can't admit that we deserved to win, so they whine about luck and bad reffing.

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