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Thread: FAO English/UK based: Bravo TV

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    FAO English/UK based: Bravo TV

    Hey to all the English/British based people here. Ive made the following letter to Bravo about their coverage of Italian football. Please add your name & location.

    Dear Bravo Football Italia

    I am writing to thank you for your excellent coverage on Calcio Italiano! The Gazzetta shows are fantastic and the fact that so far this season the live games havent been all about the big 3. But there is one thing that bothers me, and many more English/UK based Italian football fans. The fact that there is only ever 1 game shown every week-end on Bravo, whilst the others are shown on pay-per-view Setanta. Very little people are subscribed to this, and we'd all much prefer that we could have 2 or 3 games shown on Bravo. This would make the top notch coverage you've been providing either better. So we all ask for you to end to deal with Setanta, im sure Calcio Italia magazine would be willing to sponsor you, but please please can we have more than 1 game a week-end!

    I enclose a list of names who have signed up to this email:


    Lee Roberts (Aged 16)


    Hey guys, hope you could all add your names, town/city & team u support (Inter obviously)

    Im from xxxxxxxxx, i believe our webmaster's brother runs this site. Super looking forum, the Inter-Roma thread certanily made for good reading lol!

    Congratz on your derby win, great game to watch for us neutrals though when Stam equalized i doubt you were all thinking the same!!!!

    Forza Roma!

    Edit by Han: I edited the URL of the forums where you came from because it's against our rules to post any kind of forum's URL here. Unless you have a parnership with us, of course.

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    Welcome to the forum!


    Who is the forums webmaster?!?!?!?!

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    More matches would be great, especially as I now have Bravo on my mobile
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    Thanks for the positive response guys! More than can be said for those dumbasses at laziofever.

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    Anyways, SuperTotti, just wanna give you a funny fact.

    The webmaster's of that forum you mentioned is called Sham, I suppose. He's a good friend of Tim, known as Miki here, who was the designer for your forum. And! Sham is an Indian whereas Tim is a Chinese so no way in hell or heaven could they be brothers.

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