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Thread: what do you know about the G-14?

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    what do you know about the G-14?

    i was recently looking around some forums and came across this sort of group that inter is a part of. it consists of the top 14+4 of the top teams across europe including our nieghbours milan and our other friends juve to name a few. do any of you kow why this groups was brought about, what it is about, and the influence it has on the european soccer? I read somewhere that inters stadium ban from last year was only that because of their "connection" with this group and without being a member of the g-14 they wouldve had a much heftier punishment. is the website though it seems to be a bunch of bull of them praising themselves and showing how great there cause is, its just basic background info but i wanna know the real stuff on it.
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    In September 2000, fourteen founder clubs created the "G-14 European Football Clubs Grouping", an European Economic Interest Group (EEIG) registered in Brussels, making G-14 the first international club organisation in world football.

    They were joined in 2002 by four new members: Arsenal FC, Bayer 04 Leverkusen, Olympique Lyonnais and Valencia CF.

    Their aim was simple: to find a constructive way of reforming a system in which their voice was not heard and to establish for the clubs a meaningful executive role in the management of the international game.

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    It's a basic principle:

    18 clubs united have more power than 18 clubs seperately

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