How can it be that we don't have a topic for two of the greatest moments in the history of Inter?

Here is the story from the win against Benfica (1-0) in May 1965:

Benfica again. Frequent pre-season friendly opponents in recent years, the only competitive match between Inter and the Portuguese giants was on Thursday 27 May 1965, a date engraved in the memory of all Nerazzurri fans old enough to remember. The European Cup final that year was held in Milan, and from the early hours of the a strong downpour hit the city.

A year after their first European triumph, a 3-1 win over Real Madrid at Vienna's Prater Stadium, and the Nerazzurri were back in the final of Europe's most prestigious cup competition. Inter made it through to the Milan epilogue after coming back from a 3-1 first-leg deficit to beat Liverpool 3-0 in a legendary semi-final encounter. But the Portuguese certainly weren't joking. Ten goals against Aris Bonnevoie, six against both Chaux de Fonds and Real Madrid then five past Vasas.

The pitch at the San Siro was at the limits of practicality. On the stands there wasn't even room to breathe. Eighty thousand spectators and a new record for Italian football, with gate receipts of 176 million Lira.

A hooded and soaking wet Helenio Herrera made his way to the bench as the Nerazzurri took to the pitch. The line-up still reads like poetry: Sarti; Burgnich, Facchetti; Bedin, Guarneri, Picchi; Jair, Mazzola, Peirņ, Suarez, Corso.

It was the 42nd minute of a well-balanced first half when Facchetti played the ball forward, Corso combined with Mazzola then Jair received in space to the right of the Portuguese box. The Brazilian's shot was low and went through Benfica keeper Costa Pereira's legs. Inter took the lead and the roar at the San Siro arrived where the gods reside.

Sandro Mazzola hit the woodwork, then an injury to Costa Pereira forced Benfica coach Schwartz to put outfield player Germano between the posts. Inter held on to their lead and the whole of Milan celebrated until the early hours, with Piazza del Duomo the focal point of the festivities. The next day football weekly Milaninter ran a special edition entitled 'Inter son of God'.

Almost thirty-nine years have passed since that 27 May 1965. Thirty-nine years of black and blue love and pain, players and fans, parents, children and grandchildren. Thirty-nine years of Nerazzurri generations bound by a singular passion for one team.

Benfica again. The Uefa Cup fourth-round pairing might seem like any other cup draw, but it isn't for us. How can it be?

This was posted on when we drew Benfica in the UEFA Cup two seasons ago...