Hello all,

I hope this is fine to post by the admins and moderators.

Basically i am hoping to start a new football website which will have the latest football news from around the globe. I also will be adding a very big video coverage area, where people can watch highlights of there favourite football teams on the site and also funny video clips are to be added.

The site is nearly complete, i have a good website template, a very good domain name and a very professional look. It is going to be a well run site.

I am looking for people to help me out with the site and be fellow admins at the site. I am looking for any people who are willing to submit latest football news on possibly a daily basis, any people who is good with php or html or scripts and anyone who is a very good graphics designer. If your also interested in helping out in other ways, thats fine too. The website will be very professional and well run, it will hopefully be one of the biggest football news sources site, that is the aim.

Please add me on msn fazmufc@hotmail.com, i will get back to you. If we can get a good team working on this, the site will go places. I also have a link of the site available to show.

Thank You for your time