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Thread: AS Roma vs Inter

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    AS Roma vs Inter

    Looks like Mancini still needs time to adapt himself to the prestige of a club like Inter! Whatever his level is as a coach, he should understand that it's the crucial moments that rate the ability of a coach. His team is playing bad almost after the beginning of 2006. Inter swoop some wins but there were never sufficient, whereas every team we faced we won with so much difficulty. If he forgot that why did he come to Inter as a coach, if he forgot that what's the difference between coaching Lazio and coaching Inter, if he forgot that what Inter people expect him compare to Lazio people from him, then let him know that it's The SCUDETTO!

    At the beginning of the season I believed Inter had the best attacking line in the world. With Adriano, Martins, Recoba and Cruz you surely have to feel positively. They signed Santiago Solari and Luis Figo, if we don't call them the best wings, but two of the best wings in the world that were playing in the highest level of football for many years. They signed Walter Samuel "The Wall", one of the best defenders of all time in Serie A. Moreover these ones, Inter had a precious group of players that would be successful in the biggest teams. Adriano, the Monster of football, with killer shoots and great stamina and body, great in heading and quick in his moves. Javier Zanetti, Seba Veron, Steban Cambiasso, Recoba, Martins, Toldo, all of these players are enough to win many trophies. But what we have after a year and a half since Mancini is our coach: Exactly A TEAM that he started with since his first minute as Inter's coach!

    What I'm seeing in this team most of the season is a team that their goalkeeper let in many goals in free kicks, their defenders gift these free kicks to opponents, their midfielders are more friendfielders than midfielders and their forwards spent 90% of the time in the middle of the field than near the opponent's goal! All of these disasters are on your shoulder Mancini, It is you that choose these players and tactics, it is you that must improve your team's performance. But the problem is that you even don't know how to behave with your players! You destroyed and humiliated Solari, You play Your friend when he should seat on standings, You change your OWN choice in a important match in minute 25', always play Adriano whereas the only thing he does in the pitch is roaming in the middle of the field, ask Inter to sign Pizzaro to rot him on the bench, Make Inter a jungle when you sign Cesar!

    Believe it Mancini, BELIEVE IT, You still have a long way to reach the level of the coaches like Capello, Hitzfield, Eriksson, Lippi, Riikard, Mourinho and many other ones! You even don't know the rules of taking the words about your team. When during the match your face obviously shows how tense and angry you are about YOUR team's performance and then after the match you come and say your team played good match, Dominated all the match, we were unlucky, they were lucky, they had 2 shot and 2 goal, we had 10 shots and no goal, all of these show another weakness of you for handling the Poor performance of the team!

    NOBODY can say his team plays good when the forwards are nowhere seen in the pitch and ball is on the Sky most of the time! Your team is nothing against a team that lost his best players due to injury, their forward is in fact a Right Defender and another a Primavera One! The Captain of the team was obviously pissed since the first minute of the match and it's completely strange! I understand him and I sympathy for him because I know how he feels after seeing the same problems every year for about 11 years!! He plays in the back line and he fullly saw how confuse the team was playing!

    Mancini! I did like you, and still, I want you here at Inter, but you are making me hate you, because of your unprofessionalism behaviour with the team, players and The Fans so far! You always talk about improving the team, but the team never ever improve till YOU improve yourself!

    Remember Mancini! You are here to win, TO WIN, but your team is far far away from a Winning Team! Don't talk about bad luck anymore, I just can agree with you in this manner for previous season, because we were really unlucky, but not this season! The bad luck is not the problem anymore, it's about Deserving! Believe it Mancini, BELIEVE IT!!!

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    Did you mention the game?
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    This reminds me of...

    Dear Santa.. oops I mean Mancini...

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