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Thread: Looking Forward to the Next Season

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    Looking Forward to the Next Season

    If we do not finish second and at least save some face from ANOTHER disappointing season then I think that Mancini will have to go, hopefully no one will be fooled into thinking that if we win the coppa italia that some how it has been a good season.

    Juve and Milan would not settle for 3rd and coppa italia, teams like Udinese/Fiorentina/Roma (at the moment) might feel that it has been a good season, but we are Inter, not the all-so-rans. Moratti has to decide where he wants us to be, does he want us to be competing properly at the top for the scudetto or champions league or trying to sneak into the champions league qualifiers (which does not guarantee group stage).

    If we do not finish second I think that Juve and Milan will pull further away unfortunately as no real top player is likely to want to sign for a team that sneaks 3rd place and wins a tin pot cup, they will choose a team that will be in the top 2 and with a real chance of winning CL.

    We had also better start looking over our shoulders, Fiorentina will be stronger next season as will Roma, CL football may not be guarnateed, and this could see us in the shit as the wages and transfers we pay are based on us qualifying, Moratti will only bail us out for so long.

    If we need a new manager, do not get one just because he is friends with the players, get him because he is the best.

    As for players, we are allowed to sign players that have not played for Lazio/Argentina/Brazil. Sign players that are champions, not based on where they come from. Sign players with hunger, desire, passion, a belief in Inter, if they come just for the money tell them to **** off back to where they came from, I want players who want to incrase their medals, not their bank balance.

    We need 4 great players for every part of the team (keeper, defender, midfielder, striker). Do not sign players like Wome, they are triers but they are for teams like Messina, Chievo, Parma, not Inter.

    For the players and manager there next season, whoever you are, please win us the league, do it for yourself, do it for us, do it for Inter and you will be heroes forever.

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    We don't need new players, just 1-2 worldclass signings.

    What we need is a new coach.

    And a miracle ofcourse.
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    yeah there's no point thinking of the past, should look to the future, FORZA INTER.

    don't forget we have been looking forward to 'next season' for the past 15 years.
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    Miha (retires)
    Cristiano Zanetti

    Lucho Gonzalez

    Meaning next year we will have plenty more options then the same 4-4-2 with absolutely no life up front. But of course with these kinds of players you cannot have a coach like Mancini..

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    I think inter's main problem and it has been for so long is thinking of the present only with no eye to the future. The players, coaches, and directors are too hell bent on winning something that season with no thought to how the team will function in the future.

    It is time for all of us to go back a peg and IMO have a mini clear out of players who are just holding this team back. This team needs clean new faces in a few crucial positions with a coach that will know how to properly develop them into something better than they are now, Prandelli or Spalletti anyone?

    Mancini may have looked to be that man before but I just cant get over how bad we seem to choke in almost any game that is of any consequence. If by some miracle we beat Ascoli (yes its sad to say but it will be a miracle if we beat Ascoli after this huge blow to the team) you can bet your house that we will lose to Milan as second place will just be too much pressure for these guys to handle. I mean look at last year we really only began to perform when the championship was pretty much a forgone conclusion. Sure you guys will say but we beat Juve in THEIR house. Who cares that game was nonsense sure it gave us a little pride but in no way was it of any real consequence to us or Juve they were destined to win the championship and we to finish in third.

    We need to take up the mentality of a mid table team not a team that is amongst the top in Europe. We need to develop a squad that has the hunger and belief to fight when is needed and never fear anyone. Before we can win anything we have to assemble a squad that can win it and continue in this pattern. The only thing I see coming our way if we continue like this is a one off win that may break the duck (eventually) but nothing more.

    If we are going to keep looking to next season might as well make a squad that is capable of doing its job then. I could survive seeing a team that I knew was developing not win for a few more seasons, but i dont see that now. All I see is a bunch of losers who for the most part who think of themselves over the team. We need players that would be willing to take a bullett for their team mates. Players that will band together in those tough times and revel with each other when they win together. The squad proved they were truly pathetic today, hollow shells of what it used to be when you donned the Inter jersey.

    If we are going to replace Mancini, we need a coach with a proven track record who is going to show the directors okay I can keep these players, get rid of these player, sign these players and make the team work like this, within this time frame. It would be pointless to fire Mancini then look for another coach, if the board is going to give him the boot, look for a coach first and ask him what he thinks he can do with the squad at present rather than starting from square one again like we have so often.
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    We shud not repeat the mistake we made with Cuper in 2003 ... we started a season with him, even though we doubted his abilities from the start.

    We need to find a good coach, get him the players he want even if it means breaking the bank, sell those he does not want and then pray.

    i vote for ...

    1. Hiddink
    2. Hitzfeld
    3. Cuper

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