OK guys, since you've earned the privilege to go here, I think the rules for this place should lenient since I trust you guys.

Basically, the most important thing is to not give the URLs away to anyone outside this forum. That is the dominant reason why we created the Multimedia forum in the first place. And once again, I cannot stress the importance of you not giving the URLs of files uploaded to the forum server.

I'll tell you one little story. I uploaded Inter's 100 top goals when we still use the crappy StartLogic server, bout 2 years ago, and someone posted it in a Poland forum. Next day I woke up, the forum's bandwidth is almost depleted and the forum was almost down. I had to take down the file from the server then and from the on, I never jeopardise the forum server by uploading video files into it.

If this happens again here, I won't hesitate to repeat that action. So, for the good of all of us, let's be cooperative.

All requests should be made in this forum. Any request thread posted in any other forum will be moderated accordingly.

So last but not least, the most important rule, ENJOY!!!