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Thread: Statistics: Playing Minutes

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    Statistics: Playing Minutes

    I thought you guys would be interested at these stats. This is the top 10 in our team when it comes to Playing Minutes:

    Javier Zanetti - 3251
    Francesco Toldo - 3057
    Ivan Cordoba - 2929
    Fabio Cannavaro - 3295
    Daniele Adani - 2175
    Christian Vieri - 1983
    Julio Cruz - 1928
    Cristiano Zanetti - 1620
    Emre - 1545
    Thomas Helveg - 1506

    For a team like Inter to see players like Cruz and Helveg among the ten players that has played the most, it explains slighly why this season is a disaster.

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    Re: Statistics: Playing Minutes

    Quote Originally Posted by Jimmy
    Julio Cruz - 19828
    Cruz has really played a lot :shock: :grin:

    And you really think that the fact that players like Cruz and Helveg get to play explains why we lose at home to Brescia and Empoli? Of course the huge ammount of injuries has affected our season but the biggest problem isn`t really our player material.

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    I said slightly. Of course not the main reason, but a part of this puzzle that is breaking Inter down.

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    Javier Zanetti - 3251

    my favourite player
    Forza inter!

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    I am happy that Adani has played quite alot!
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