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Thread: Serie A Season Review

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    Serie A Season Review

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    Great Stuff Marcello . This is a must see, for all the Italian soccer fans. I love the way this video is made. Ofcourse the size is around 450MB, and you will need a torrent client for it, which will slow the downloading speed, and ofcourse, not most people are lucky enough to have a connection as fast as mine , but still this is worth it.

    I would have preffered it, in english though. Check out Matrix's tackle on Ibrahimoshit, freakin legend that guy is , and check out Viera's penalty against Parma. THE MOST BOGUS PENALTY EVER WITHOUT A DOUBT. I dont know, how could Parma players curtail themselves, if I was there instead of Simplicio or Corradi, I would have punched the shit out of refree.
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