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Thread: 'Radical' Plan

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    'Radical' Plan

    Radical plan to hold World Cup every two years: report
    8:01 PM June 5

    A report in the Financial Times says a radical plan to restructure international football, prepared for top European clubs, envisages the World Cup being held every two years.

    The proposal, called "Grand Slam World", is part of a presentation commissioned by the G-14 grouping of European clubs - a collection of the 18 richest sides in Europe - by Hypercube, a Dutch consultancy.
    Making the World Cup, which starts in Germany on Friday, a biennial event is the most radical of four options outlined in a 36-page presentation, the newspaper said.

    Another option called "Grand Slam Euro" would see continental tournaments, such as the European championship, also held every two years, while a possible World Cup for clubs would be contested every four years.

    The presentation implies that this reorganisation could be in place by 2009, with the first biennial World Cup in 2012, the report said.

    Hypercube consultant Pieter Nieuwenhuis was quoted as saying it was "early in the process" and that his company wanted "in time to invite the international football federations to chair a discussion process on restructuring international football".

    FIFA, world footballs' governing body, had no comment while UEFA, the European body, reportedly said the proposals were "a direct assault on national teams".
    Source: AFP

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    Will be a motherf*cking f*cked up plan. Just some bloody FIFA marketing plan to generate massive revenues every 2 year instead of 4.

    Radically changing a tournament with a history of 76 years will be ridiculous.

    One of the biggest reason why the World Cup is so prestigious is that you don't get the chance to win it that often. Changing it to a biennial tournament will drastically reduce that prestige.


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    what a ridiculous proposal ... a WC wud nt hv the same glamour or prestige if it becomes a biannual event. we hv coppa america and euros as fillers dont we?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Handoyo
    Will be a motherf*cking f*cked up plan. Just some bloody FIFA marketing plan to generate massive revenues every 2 year instead of 4.
    Actually mate, its not Fifa behind this

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    I dont understand this first the g14 allways complains that thei re players have to play too much fore thei re Nt and now they want a wc every 2 years???
    Which matches do you feel more, those with Juventus or Milan?
    "With Milan, without doubt. And I don't like the Rossoneri fans either because they have a way of behaving, particularly when they win, that I don't appreciate."
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    Now Now Now... Let's not get our panties in a wad! If everyone calms down, I think we can decipher this proposal.

    Realize that G-14 is an "interest group" of 18 (14 initial plus 4 additional) of Europe's biggest football clubs. They are constantly at war with FIFA and the national associations. The big issue always revolves around the players and the whole thing has turned into a divorce-like custody battle over children.

    The NTs and FIFA want the players for more qualifiers, and less emphasis to be placed on the Champions League. The clubs, in turn, complain that players run the risk of injuring themselves in "meaningless" games.

    In September 2005 the G-14 clubs decided to take FIFA to court over paying players for internationals after the Belgian club Charleroi lost Abdelmajid Oulmers in November for eight months when he was injured playing for Morocco.

    Realize that G14 is organized, and does have power. Without them, the World Cup would have few of its starters. However, this proposed plan of having a biennial WC is ONLY ONE OF FOUR OPTIONS. Thus, the other three may be far more reasonable.

    I would say more about G14, but I'm no expert, so take a look at this article by Marcotti from THE TIMES.

    In case you didn't know who was in G14...

    Founding members, 2000
    Ajax (Netherlands)
    Barcelona (Spain)
    Bayern Munich (Germany)
    Borussia Dortmund (Germany)
    Internazionale (Italy)
    Juventus (Italy)
    Liverpool (England)
    Manchester United (England)
    A.C. Milan (Italy)
    Olympique de Marseille (France)
    Paris Saint-Germain (France)
    Porto (Portugal)
    PSV (Netherlands)
    Real Madrid (Spain)
    New members, 2002
    Arsenal (England)
    Bayer Leverkusen (Germany)
    Olympique Lyonnais (France)
    Valencia (Spain)

    Vinceremo Insieme

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    The WC is the greatest tournement because it so difficult to win, and only the greatest players on the plannet can say they won it. Making it every two years would means it would loose the extra sparkle it has at the moment. Too much of a good thing is not good for you. Its a bit like pizza. Pizza is great but too much makes you fat. Too much WC football makes you less interested in the WC. FFS please dont change it ever!

    If it became every two years is the most absurd statement i think i have ever heard.

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