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Thread: New era for inter.

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    New era for inter.

    A NEW ERA for InterBTW this is for only inter jimmy)

    With the demise of ZAC a new era at Inter(yet again) has begun. Lets hope this time it last longer than the 1 season eraís we seem to have during Morattiís reign as Inter owner. The key to success is continuity.

    But continuity is worth nothing if it is not with the right manager. I think that Interís management have at last found the right guy in Roberto Mancini (mancio to his fans). What Interís management now needs to do is keep faith with him give him time to develop ďhis teamĒ. Cuper laid a solid foundation now its time for Mancini to build on this .

    Some people will argue that he lakes experience. That might be true as far as being a manager is but I think his experience as a player at the top level will help him to overcome this defiencency and experience can be gained anyway while being a good manager canít be gained.

    I am very happy with this choice of manager. Now lets see what we should expect from our new look Inter team. First thing we will see is the return of a back 4 defence . This sort of defence proved very successful during Cuperís reign. Another thing is we should see Javier Zanetti back in his best position which is left back.

    We should also see an entertaining Inter side. Manciniís Lazio side has been 1 of the most entertaining side in Serie a for the last 2 seasons and with the quality of players he has at his disposal at Inter I donít expect that to change.

    The 1 question mark we will have is who of Cordoba/cannavaro will be bench since them as a partnership lacks height I expect Materrazi to start unless we manage to sign Ferrari from Parma. The other question mark is the Adriano-Vieri question mark. We know Adriano must start now the question is who should partner him. Vier hasnít work very well as a partner,Recoba is too inconsistent to consider as a regular partner, Cruz isnít good enough to be a regular 1st teamer at Inter . So in my opinion it has be our youngster OBA Martins.
    Forza Inter per sempre!!!!
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    Nice article, Stefi!

    Iīm sure you meant JZīs favourite position which is right back.
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