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Thread: Juventus only minus 17 points?? Milan, Lazio n Fio stay??

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    Juventus only minus 17 points?? Milan, Lazio n Fio stay??

    hellow all da interisti!!
    hawaya...?? what do ya all think about the decision of keeping Milan, Lazio and Fio in Serie-A competition?? is it make the serie-A league more competitive or make Inter hard to struggle to be the champions of Italy.. and in this case i see Milan only Minus 8 point... and it is easier 4 them 2 make their point into equal 0(zero) sonner... but i think it's a positive or an advantage for Inter and interisti to prove that we are the real champions.. we don't want to only winning the competition with easy way.. we must show our determination, mental, teamwork and of course fair play and skill to prove that we deserved the best since 10 years ago until now... so much cruelty made by Juve in those 10 years.. but we.. the fair and clean club will prove the world that we deserved to be the best.. so what do ya think...
    are JZ.. Grosso.. Toldo.. Matrix.. Cordoba.. Deki.. Cuchu.. Chino.. Imperatore and friends will win the serie-A title with our hardwork?? or Inter will only win the title easily with no challenge?? or luckily?? and what do ya think about a chance for Il Imperatore to be the top scorer next season??

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    Let's talk about this here.

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