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Thread: A New GK for Inter 06/07 is needed (?)

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    A New GK for Inter 06/07 is needed (?)

    Don't you think a new goalkeeper for Inter squad 2006/07 i s a must?
    Toldo's reflect was too slow at Inter vs Ajax in Amsterdam Cup yet. Julio Cesar must have much experiences.. So?

    Inter must have Buffon!! --> but his loyalty for our team is questioned..
    like Lippi in our squad before. any suggestion?

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    i agree we need a player like frey he is one hell of a solid keeper.i to have my doubts about toldos performance and his slow reaction but toldo is not the one to blame look at the defence we are becoming the same team that are leaking in goals.samuel is the not the old wall.cordoba is good but he does stupid things at times.matrix is the answer we are looking for and vieira to safeguard midfield.
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    Please discuss in the General Rumours thread in the Transfers & Rumours forum.

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