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Thread: Zlatan Ibrahimovic

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    Quote Originally Posted by CafeCordoba View Post
    Didn't even realize he scored that much. That's pretty impressive for that age.
    35 year old playing in a physical league like PL, he was very good. Glad he played for ManUtd and I thoroughly enjoyed watching him play, along with few frustrating games. Such a shame he joined so late in his career.
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    I think the point is theres a fine line between comming across as a learned individual and comming across as a bit of a wanker, and utilising every corner of your vocabulary on a global internet football forum with people many of whom don't have don't have english as their first language makes you come across as the latter.

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    Zlatan should have join the PL a decade younger. He could have ripped it up like no player has done before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ElDiego22 View Post
    Zlatan should have join the PL a decade younger. He could have ripped it up like no player has done before.
    I don't know about that. Ibra I'm sure would have done fine there but I'm not sure he would have ripped it up like you say. His game changed a lot since his 2nd stint with Milan. At PSG he became a different player, before that he was never really the out and out striker he was at United. If you look at his younger years his goal tallys were solid but nothing spectacular until Mourinho came.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thatdude View Post
    Zanetti was never the same after his achilles rupture.
    He also hardly played when he came back, not to mention when he did it was as a wingback.
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