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Thread: Real World and Fantasy, Goodnight

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    Real World and Fantasy, Goodnight

    Dear friends on Forza-Inter,

    this is post number 640 (if no one deletes my other posts ), and possibly my last on this forum. My active stay is 2 years and 4 months old, and to tell you honestly, it has changed a lot since then. I have decided to cease posting on this board. No, not because I'm all offended and getting mushy about stuff, but simply, because I'm jaded.

    With all due respect to some of the finer members of this board, it was great when it lasted, and never have a forum been an integral part of my life as this. However, I'm feeling a little jaded from the constant arguing I've recently concluded, as well as the typical responses on the boards. This is the part where I thank the members, for giving me a pleasant and sometimes unpleasant journey through time on Forza-Inter. I've realised, even if i have opinions, its not getting me anywhere. But hey, that's life, and this place was a haven for me, but i'm beginning to think otherwise. Maybe a mid-life crisis? Who knows?

    The atmosphere was great and people like Edlaut, Hamed, Tim, Hanster, Catanha, Waleed, Sherif, M1ke, Jesse, Jimmy, Helal and the likes have given me many hours of thinking and good natured arguments as well as an outlet for me expressing myself and for a great time.

    The politics and social commentary forum was great but from my perspective though, its getting people to say things they do not mean in order to cancel the other out, thus resulting in unnecessary fighting and senseless commentary. It was, in good intentions though, that it was started, but hey, just my 2 cents.

    I was a little offended though, sometimes, but we'll have to get used to the harsh real world. The fantasy world, is what some here are portraying, but i have no regrets. I love to see the other side of the story. I am also deeply saddened by the recent wars, and the evolving of reality tv, that portrays anything but reality. It is also good to see, many young posters on board, making this forum a place for the future.

    I believe, however, that this is the right time to bow out. As I have insufficient time in the coming months, I'm sure I won't be sorely missed. But Inter will always be in my heart and i will drop by sometimes to read up on you guys. So, again, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you guys. I believe I have to go now.

    You guys can still catch me on msn at
    or email me there too..
    See you, its been a pleasure..

    Sincerely yours,

    [ Recoba87 / Zaidriano / Sisedriano ]
    Its been a pleasure,
    [ Recoba87 / Zaidriano / Sisedriano ]

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    Well Zai, I always thought of you: the third guy from Singapore after Han and Tim

    Well, anyways: catch you around mate and I wish you good luck with everything you do in your life

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    miss ya mate have a prosperous life.
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    Hmm..I feel like I contributed in your departure as well with that little argument of ours and giving the thought that it was actually my fault, I'm sorry..

    Good luck..

    ps. I replied to your PM..

    No Zaidriano, you didn't offended me at all, I didn't know if you ever read my posts, so I tried to explain what my stance is on some important issues..

    Actually, I'm sorry that I haven't read the whole argument between you and Akasha and reacted instantly to defend her..mea culpa..

    You seem like a smart guy and I find your posts very interesting, especially when you defend your point of view in the most racional way possible..

    I hope you'll change your mind and post some more..

    Good luck.. name is Max..
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    Its been good having you here mate, but if it was me I would of gone at 666 not 640

    It is very jading, ill admit that...youll find people who use to post alot are posting alot less these days, even myself I read but only a few posts a day and people like Jake, Tim etc...

    Ive added you to msn, see you there.

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    It does seem there has been a constant change in this forum , just like Inter. Wish you all the best for the future.
    Dr. Marotta

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sisenando
    I believe, however, that this is the right time to bow out. As I have insufficient time in the coming months, I'm sure I won't be sorely missed. But Inter will always be in my heart and i will drop by sometimes to read up on you guys. So, again, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you guys. I believe I have to go now.
    Damn man that cut deep.

    I dont know what happened between you and the rest of the members or what argument you are alluding to but I have to say seeing that you have left has pretty much ruined my day. Your posts were some of the highest quality stuff on this forum and although I did not always agree with you or your opinion I could still respect the way you formulated an argument.

    I have also noticed a drop off in posts recently but what can I say I have not been here much myself. Taking a break is always nice especially since it is summer but I hope it was moreso the peronal issues that led to your departure rather than contents of posts on this fourm.

    I beg of you to reconsider and if not feel free to contact me as always on MSN.

    To the rest of you I am not sure what this forum has come to when a petition is made to unban Durai of all people yet a quality Interista is on his way out and we barely get a whisper.
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    Why are you doing this? *remembers the post*

    Even I, who am a newer member here, can feel the difference and remember it. I understand how you feel about it. I remember my old days, and I had seen most of the Inter related posts since the begining, and if I can compare now, I wouldn't even care to tbh, since the difference is big.
    Anyway, many old members have stuck with this change, you should give it another go.

    And you are definetly gonna be missed in here
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