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    Hello, i am new to this site so i thought i would say hello to you all, i would like to also share with you some short videos ect of my goup the Holmesdale Fanatics of Crystal Palace, England, sorry if they have been posted before.

    plus a few more bits on our website

    VAK-P FROM FC Twente`s day out with the fanatics
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    hey and welcome to the forums. crystal palace have great supporters if not the best, i like their style.

    hal says:
    but u should see the curves ive formed on the stomach i love touching myslef
    hal says:
    there i said it.

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    Thankyou, that is a very famous picture things are improving slowly down at selhurst park with an ever growing number of members, so the future seems to be very bright

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    I use to enjoy seeing CP in the EPL. I love Dowie's re-actions on the bench priceless..

    Add the fact they use to have Inter players on loan in Ventola and Sorondo they were good to watch, also Andy J and Routledge were very enjoyable too.

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    Welcome to the forum Holmesdale fanatic. hope you enjoy your stay and keep on posting.
    Forza Inter per sempre!!!!
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    Welcome to the forza-inter forums mate, keep posting here and have fun...
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    Welcome mate to the site mate.

    Enjoy your stay, and post all over the place. (Don't spam, cuz teh mods will send you to jail).

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