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Thread: Trip for Inter game - couple questions

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    Trip for Inter game - couple questions


    First of all i don't know if i put this topic in right place and second of all sorry for my english :}

    This is my first post but i'm reading the forum from 2-3 months (thx lukair).

    I would like to see the Inter vs Bayern game in CL (don't know yet if i will be able). This year with my friend's we were in Milano for Inter vs Udinese. I am from Poland so we were planing this trip for couple months :} I have two question about the game and getting to the Bergamo airport.

    First of all... Is there any problem to buy a ticket in the day of the game?

    And second... how to get to Bergamo airport at 23-24h? When we were in February at Milano we go to hotel but right now i would like to go straight to Bergamo Airport. I saw the last time of bus going there is somethine around 22 (same bus i got from airport to Milano). Just don't say to take taxi

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    Hello mate, welcome to the forum. Yeah, this is the right place to post your first thread... Just keep posting my fellow interista.... I can't answer the other questions though.... Tell us more about yourself man, age name, etc...
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    Hi Szogo, now it seems Central Europe is going to rule this forum . Enjoy our community...
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    last time i went to a Inter game i got a ticket really easily the day of the game. however, since then, they have changed the rules on scalping so it may become harder.

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    shouldnt be hard to get tickets - may get them online at nearer the time. if not, go to the ticket office at the stadium a good few hrs before KO

    the terravision shuttle bus runs from bergamo to milan central station -
    times are online

    remember you must take passport to the game due to ticket laws

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