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Thread: Hi there.

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    Hi there.

    Hello, after already posting in few threads I though to show up here.

    OK, so I'm Mateusz from Poland (just call me mati). I'm 19 and NO I do NOT love Inter like the others. I am Juve fan since 7 (when I bought my first Del Piero kit) From then he is my football god. Anyway, I think it's not so interesting for ya.

    Why I came here? Three things: First, I know Marcello from the other football site and I got link to this site from him. Then, I'd like to have some chat with people with mostly 'different' opinion than mine. Finally, being here makes me stronger in these hard for Juve fans times.

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    Well, well, well... You decided to introduse you in the proper way...

    Welcome (I said this before) and enjoy your stay Mati... I didn't know that JuBe has so good fans. Being in B and still there are people supporting them. I know some others who gave up on them just after they heared that JuBe was relegated to B. But there are true fans too... I honestly tought Inter was the only team with die-hard fans...
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    Welcome to Forza Inter Forums! I hope you enjoy yourself here, people won't be very nice to you but I believe they will respect you if you respect them (with an occasional joke about Juventus).

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    Welcome to the forum

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    Welcome to the forum. Enjoy posting here.
    Forza Inter per sempre!!!!
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    lol @ mati
    nice to see you joined up , keep posting

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    OK mati, It's just anoying when someone is Juve fan but I can undarstand your fellings.
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