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Thread: Question about Milano

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    Question about Milano

    Lucky me is going to visit Milan this weekend(Saturday, Sunday, and Monday) to see the Grand Prix. Too bad Inter won't be playing at home.
    It's my first visit to Milan, so obviously, I'll make a trip to the San Siro, maybe take the tour of the museum and the stadium, and buy Inter stuff.

    Since I will stay in the center of the city, what is the best way to get to the stadium from the Duomo? By tram or subway or bus or taxi? Are there websites for the tram or subway?

    Since Milan is playing at the San Siro on Sunday, I think I'll visit the stadium on Monday.

    Also, what's a good way to watch the Inter match on Saturday? Pubs or sports bars?

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    What he should have said was, the easiest way to get to the stadium is the red metro line to Pze.Lotto where the stadium is a 10m walk away. And most places will be showing Inter I guess.

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