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Thread: Javier "Il Capitano" Zanetti

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dylan View Post
    How often do you actually watch James Milner, I only ask because of your incredible EPL hatred and bias for anything English.
    I have the unfortunate luck to have been watching on average 2-3 EPL games every week for several years now, mostly Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham involved. I wish I didn't though, but social activity requires it. Formerly it was also due to business. Thank fuck I'm out of that now.

    I also watch it sometimes for comedy as the only other show at that time is Friends and I've already seen that 10+ times.

    As for James Milner, I remember him when he was this alleged top talent at Leeds. If I'd compare him to a Serie A player it'd be Fabio Borini.

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    That's fucking delusional, you do realise milner has the most assists in a CL season.
    Strachan can suck my tiny schlong

    Quote Originally Posted by Glass box View Post
    One day FIF should organize and we should go all together to watch a game. At least 50 people. Tickets are on me.

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