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Thread: My View, Part 1 (Inter vs Bayern CL)

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    My View, Part 1 (Inter vs Bayern CL)

    I hope this writing would be the first of many that I will be doing occasiounly when I have time, just to share my point of view regarding the selected matches that I will indicate in the title

    1st: Inter Milan vs Bayer Munchen
    Venue: Guiseppe Meazza Stadium
    Competition: UEFA Champions League
    Result: 0-2 Pizzaro, Podolski

    ----------I would like to first express my deepest anger regarding this match which we should have played aggresive football to reach the goal and score, but one thing we need to understand is the following, we need to realise that we had absolutly no midfield whatsoever in that game yesterday and that is why we lost because we lost our ability to create decent opportunities with Cambiasso and Vieira both out due to various reasons.
    ---------How can one play against a german giant like Bayern Munchen with no midfiled to oppose the badass german midfield coming and going as pleased in that game, Dacourt had his hands full, but with Cambi out of the picture, he had no one to help him in securing the midfield, and with no Vieira, there were no creativity. The ball reaching for Zlatan and Crespo were all long side balls from the defense to the guys up front who failed miserably, Zlatan did a bit bad and his ball contol was not precise and so was his passing, Crespo had his worst game with Inter this season, and the worst ever in his Inter Euro career, with the highlight beeing the ball from JZ's shot that reached onside Crespo for only Kahn to save. Figo was array behind the attackers as he was always out opfposition, Deki wasn't on form, and thus you had only Dacourt and Zanetti trying to keep the ball with our team uin the midfield and that was always lost by the time it reaches Deki, Figo, Crespo or Ibrahimovic.
    -------The cards were a total disgrass to us, no need at all for them, Zlatan had already a yellow card, and with the challenge, which wasn't so dramatic, was an actual yellow card foul, and with a goal down and trying to componsate with 10 men, Grosso does something not at all needed as he went for Sagnol for God knows what and elbowed him for a straight red making our job impossible. Inter were doomed, and with yet another Cordoba mistake for the third time now (one in Chievo and two in the Bayern match), we killed ourselves how the hell do you have a bouncing ball in the midfield, and you in an awkward position, want to give the ball to your goalkeeper 50 yards away?
    We destroyed JZ dream for a good match with Inter in his milestones, we just have to rub it in that we truely are "The Kings Of Hiccups"
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