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Thread: Joga Bonito Series

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    Joga Bonito Series

    I know it's much but, I would like to share in this thread the Joga Bonito Nike ads I found on you tube and would also like to ask if anyone has a downloadable versions of all of the Joga Bonito ads, please

    This is one of my favs

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    lol I've never seen the Ronaldo's response
    The Zlatan vs C Ronaldo ad is nice too. I don't know if there are downloadable versions of the ads, but there's an extension to firefox that lets you download videos on youtube.

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    Wonder if I can

    Have you ever tried You can download most of Joga Bonito videos in various qualities.
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    Never got to reach them in their site

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    Adri kissing the ball also in this video

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    This is also amazing

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    Thread moved

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    Yeah i like the Joga ads the one where Ibra Spits the Gum and juggles it is sick

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