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Thread: The Derby Match

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    The Derby Match

    I just came back from work, I still dont know the score so i rather watch the game beter then hearing the socre, so plz do you know any place where i can watch replay of the game even if its a paysite,
    plz dont wanna know the score thank you

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    Gee mate youve done a good job so far not looking at the score. Try to stay off the forum for as long as possible.

    Anyway, I really dont have any idea how u can watch the match.

    RAI wont put a reply, it wasnt on I think you may just have to take it on the chin and head on over to to see the score.

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    I suggest you dont go to to read the score...Instead go on the
    Milan-Inter thread and read each n every freakin post in would get all the action and even feel the excitement..

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