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Thread: The Endless Curse Of Alvaro Injuroba

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    The Endless Curse Of Alvaro Injuroba

    I know our team motto is "Non Mollare Mai/Never Give Up", but I'm afraid the time has come to give up on this guy.

    I've always been a sucker for Chino. He's one of those players you can't help but love. You curse him when you see him doing stupid things on the pitch, losing possession cheaply, not working to the best of his abilities and so on. But then, after a while, you always think at good old Chino Recoba and a glimmer of hope comes along, and you think "Yeah, his time will come, it must be destiny, he's still here, how can that NOT happen??"

    We could sit here and argue for AGES about coaches, bad choices, lack of trust, not being able to play consistently and so on.

    Sadly, it's time to face the facts. Even considering all of the above, Alvaro Recoba will be remembered as one of the biggest underachievers in modern football. Injuries absolutely plagued his career and stopped him from ever having a real chance of success.

    The last two season are nothing less than emblematic: whenever Chino had a chance to play, due to others' injuries, suspensions or whatever else, he was injured. Last year he got injured just before Oba went off to Africa, and got back the day Oba was back. This must be some perverse "plan from above", you couldn't manage it if you wanted to!

    Sunday Zlatan is suspended and Adriano is still recovering, Chino would have had a chance. But he's out until December.

    It's sad, it's hard, but there is no other choice: it's give up time.

    Even if Recoba was to suddenly get fit, be able to stay fit, manage to conquer a starting place in the team through his performance and have 2 or 3 good seasons, this still wouldn't make up for all these years of underachievement.

    There's only one thing the guy could do: pull a "Dejan Savicevic" on us and score a wonderful, vital goal in a game such as the Champions League final. Is that gonna happen? What are the chances?

    We tried our best to believe in you Alvaro, too bad it didn't work out.
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    Sad, but true...

    It's time for us to face this injury plagued player, his time in Inter should be coming to an end.
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    I want him to stay, he is unlucky but he's ours, injury prone or not he can allways be decisive, maybe in CL finall, who knows?
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    lets have poll.
    i m one who wud hv kicked him out of this squad 2 or 3 seasons back ... u peep did nt agree back then
    but finally u realised my point.

    its nuthing that i hv against Recoba - no offense to his fans.
    and i do beleive he will be able to show the world if he was to go to a team like Udinese or Torino or Samp where he wud be the prima donna and the team wud revolve around him and where he wud get to play as many matches as he is fit for.

    face it, it wud be greater motivation for him to stay fit and in form as well.

    i say dis coz at inter he knows there is sum1 to do the job if he is nt available and that he is avai;able dus nt mean he is gonna play

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    This should definitely be the lasy season for Recoba in Inter and sadly it's kinda must now.

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    Why does this topic make me feel sad? I guess it's because it's the truth', regardless the 'divine' one will always be a Champion in my eyes

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    He is going to pull one in CL final Frisko..

    He pulled it on numerous occassions, when it was most important, and he'll pull it again..

    Don't you realise...? This is what his career is all about! Being injured all the time, and then pulling some of the greatest magic in football..

    That's why you can't hate him.

    He may be underachiever, but he'll always be Inter Legend and true Interista.. There are only a few of these..

    Thank you JOSE MOURINHO, the Special One!!

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    recoba will go out in a blaze of glory!

    he'll start the CL final for us, score a brilliant goal and then 5 min later hit his head against the crossbar and leave the field with concussion and somehow pull a muscle in the process

    cue superman music and thumb reaching out from over the stretcher
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    he was one win away from a treble, so i wouldn't argue with his testicle oriented man-management techniques

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    Great post, Frisko.

    I am on the other side of this whole Recoba issue. At some point or another, you stop blaming luck and realize that it just wasn't meant to be. Chino, one way or another has to be held accountable for his failures despite his talent. I like the way he plays the game of football, and it's been painful watching him waste it away for the 8-9 years or whatever he's spent here, but injuries only last so long, and only so many coaches can 'ruin' you or can put you on that 'bad' list. Chino has been immature for much too long, and perhaps it's too late for him to spark his career back on the right track.

    Basically, It's easy to sing that whole "what if" song regarding Chino.. but he didn't have it in him. Never did, never will. No physical limitations, as talented a player as we've seen in the past ten-twelve years, but he is mentally inept of doing much with it.

    Chino is at fault. Not Inter, not the training staff, not injuries, not the coaches.

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    i agree with u guys recoba is past he wont suceed in inter.
    But i just ask myselfe what do we loose if we keep him ???
    I mean he s wage is not that high any more and i guess he d even take a pay cut to stay here. So if we keep him here fore those 4-6 great games he has in one season i don t see a big loss. We should have sold him years ago but now there s acctually no need to send him away
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