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Thread: The GEA crime syndicate

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    The GEA crime syndicate

    The excrepts from testimonies of various football players that were affiliated with GEA as aprt of a broad investigation of that organisation by the Prosecution of Rome have come out. You can read them here in Italian. I am giving below some translations:

    Against one of the biggest rising stars of Italian football of the day, Corrado Grabbi, coming from Juventus' youth teams, top scorer in serie B with Ternana, Luciano Moggi used "threats in arrogant and ominous tones".In fact, he has ruined the player's career...Alessandro Moggi and Franco Zavaglia, as of 1994, pressured me for several months to take them as agents. My resistance to that brought upon the worsening of the relations with Luciano Moggi. In 1995 he called me to his office, asking me to come alone. He placed me out of the roster in spite of me already playing in sevral games and scoring goals: he told me I was fighting in a disco-club in Sestriere on New Years eve. It was a complete fabrication, but he said a policeman told him the story. After a couple of days it was reported in national papers...In 1996 Moggi called me to his office to send me to Cosenza, i refused because I wanted to be close to my sick father and he replied that "there were airports in Cosenza". I went angry and refused. The last day of the transfer season Beppe Galli called me from a hotel in Milano and told me to meet him, Prato di Toccafondi was interested, but I said no... At my refusal Moggi sent me away from Juventus box and told me that as of that moment I could play only in my back yard

    Threats re-appear in Salvatore Fresi's testimony, who at a certain point, saw through the high fares and low services of Gea. He told the prosecutors: "Alessandro Moggi and Pasquale Gallo were threatening me continuously and one day told me athat if I don't leave Juventus I'd be sent to the mountains to train from morning to evening. I was forced to go to Perugia,


    GEA made great promises to Amoruso and Miccoli to get them on the roster and once they've got them, left them hanging out to dry. Nicola Amoruso: "When I went to Perugia on a permanent basis in 2003, I had to speak about my contract directly to Luciano Moggi. In spite of telling Alessandro that I don't want to be involved, he abandoned me. Alessandro never took up any initiative on my behalf". Miccoli: "I would not have found much space in Juventus anyway due to the large number of strikers, but I was put away largely because of Moggi's actions... Luciano Moggi contacted my agent and told him to tell me that I reached the national team thanks to him and that I need to do exactly as he tells me otherwise I will never play for Italy again"


    To the Russian Zeytulaev of the Juve youth team Moggi said: "You will see one day that you made a mistake of going against Juve... and that you will come back to play for us that are powerful". The player explained to the prosecution: "At that time I kept my cell phone turned off for fear".


    The investigation unearthed triangonal schemes that enabled Gea agents to be payed directly by clubs, which is forbidden...Gea asked for Gatti and Baiocco monstruos 30% comissions. Luciano Moggi, it emerges, succeeded in kicking out of Siena coach Gigi Simoni, who was opposed to Gea.


    Moggi's methods enabled Alessandro to sit, as agent, on Juve bench in unofficial games and Davide Lippi to meet Chiellini in Paris(to strap him from his agent Bordonaro) in spite of him not having passed the exam necessary to become an agent. FIGC appears to have been an accomplice of this system. When a group of agents asked for money to be given in order to comission an investigation of Gea, the general secretary Ghirelli replied that there was no more money to spend...
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    Oh I can't deci

    So is there going to be a criminal investigation on Moggi? Im sure he deserves some jail time for this, Im not a lawyer but Im sure breaching contracts and physical threts are a serious offense.

    Has GEA been disbanded after the trial, its obvious they were a corrupt organization.

    Thanks for the translation Milos, mind if I borrow your translations and show some "friends" of mine.?

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    Great stuff, Milos. A very informative post, especially considering the fact that this was not published in any other 'normal' football sites, like channel4 or Soccernet.


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    Such a mafia, great article Milos, nice to know why Inter didn't won anything important in last ten years.
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    Thanks for sharing it with us Milos.
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    damn man...nice one, thanks!!

    you should send this stuff out to all idiots on various internet forums still asking what exactly moggi did, that juve got relegated.
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