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Thread: Inter Competitors YouTube Videos

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    Inter Competitors YouTube Videos

    OK, I am making this thread for posting all goals or highlights I find from youtube comncerning Serie A 2nd and third teams on the table when we are on top on the table or if we fall down the the one nehind us and the one in front of us, or if it's a worst case scenario, both 2 teams ahead of us.

    So I will start with this past week

    1-0 Pepe(89')

    7-0 Panucci (12',48') Mancini (19') Perrotta (24',40') Montella (59') Totti (70')

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    OK I will include the remaining matches of the group stages of the CL also, but only till the group stage ends which means another more post then that's it regarding the CL

    Spartak Moscow vs Bayern Munchen Champions League, 5th round
    2-2 Kalynychenko 16', Pizzaro 22' 39', Kovac 72'

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