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Thread: Mancini and training

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    Mancini and training

    I was watching the pictures of the guys training, and I always see Mancini training with them, running, on a bike...

    Don't you think that makes a difference? Vieri said that the fact that Mancini just retired is a good thing because he understands the players better.

    I think this is great, that Mancini is directly invoved in the training. Maybe this Inter squad can become a real group for a change.
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    It is certainly a good thing. He can relate to the players health and help in their conditioning since he knows exactly how it feels to be a modern age proffesional footballer. He may also motivate his players to do their best and be an example.

    Basically, it doesn't hurt at all. A very positive thing according to the several players who have said that him being so familiar with playing the game is a good thing. I am very happy with Mancio as our coach, if there's anyone that can work with us then it's him. Young, motivated and knows what he's doing. He'll have to be tough to be Inter's coach - the expectations are still high, even though the fan attitude is quite pessimistic IMO.
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    from what I read, it seems that mancini deploy a method which makes the players use the footballs more often.. He also mentioned than match training is better than regular session..

    the philosophy, IMO, is to have more fun with the sport... as footballers they will love it working with footballs... plus it will help them relate themselves with the real situation.. on the field...

    the players seem very enthusiastic, they all wanna get the taste of this coach and they are very confident that inter will gain something this year..
    but many players have to go... otherwise it will be hard for the coach..

    I think mancini's method will reduce the amount of injury...
    I suspect mancini is using a very different approach as cuper's (well i m not sure)

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