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Thread: Wanted: Help On Getting Videos

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    Wanted: Help On Getting Videos

    I know this Thread is probably somewhere in this forum and its gonna be closed or moved or w/e but I can't find it so im just gonna make a request can someone please tell me how u get vids off of cause everytime i try to do it i cant get it to work... I really want to make a compilation but it just doesnt want to work!! :angry: Can someone please help me? It'll be greatly appreciated

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    1) Download Avant Browser
    2) When you click the goal in, a new window should pop up and you should be able to see the URL. It should look something like
    3) Download Streambox VCR
    4) Copy and paste that URL into Streambox VCR and start downloading

    OK, now thread closed. There is an existing thread about Inter videos in the General Inter Stuff forum. You could and should have made your question there.

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