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    My Videos

    My New Year's Present to all Inter Fans on the Forum:

    Here is my list of limited (yes, limited, b/c I cut out a lot of crap I used to have in soccer videos, including that of INter related stuff) videos......

    Let me explain the videos:

    1) General Soccer Clip- One of the first soccer movies around, and shows all the typical stuff, Pele, Zidane, Maradona's run, etc......

    2) Avaya Moviemax CL- A video about what I think was the greatest CL knockout round of all time, with Man Utd- Real, Juve- Real, Milan- Inter, Inter-Valencia, and loads of othe rmatches....a very nicely professionally made video...a plus;6455267;;/

    3) 10 of the best goals of WC- 10 of the best goals of the WC, pretty self-explanatory, good music, good stuff;6457686;;/

    4) World Cup goals- has a lot of goals from WC 2002, incluign Totti sendoff and stuff....its okay....not that great quality;6460903;;/

    5) Video Pazza Inter- music video

    6) Video -Cl - Season 98-99 best goals..inzaghi, Sheva from Ukraine....Cole in Man Utd Rivaldo in Barca

    7) Inter0304 Compilation- My personal favorite, b/c I made it myself by compiling all the goals from that year....its pretty big....and it has Pazza inter and other songs to go with it

    8) Showboating v. 10- Skills and tricks by Okocha and Ronaldinho and ohters

    9) Arsenal CHamp 2004- Short video about Arsenal championship in 2004

    10) Football is war- fierce tackles: A favorite of mine, shows all kinds of bad tacklse and fights in football and great music too

    11) Showboating v. 11 see above

    12) Nike ROnaldo vs. Vieri: From the ITalian entertainment show Iene or something where they ask two stars the same questions side by side

    13) Champ league comp 001- a great compilation of every goal (one of my favorites) from the CL season where Porto won--great music;6482930;;/

    14) Roma vs. Dynamo Kiev- One of the worst moments in Italian football, where a man from the wealthy section of the Roma crowd, a Roman aristocrat, chucks a cigarette lighter or something at Frisk's head and causes him to retire

    15) Italia Euro 2004- Good music for ITalian fans, highlights from that competition;6489260;;/

    16) Frisk hit by rocket- A shorter clip showing the actual hit on his head;6483091;;/

    17) Top 10 goals- A bad video...shows some great goals but horrible quality

    18) Zidane- Blue- A great compilation of Zidane, very nice classical music and some tehcno at the end

    19) Derby Time- A clip I got off with Eminem music of derby highlights from Inter/milan in history

    20) Cassano Comp- A great compilation of Cassano, from Bari and Roma days;6482165;;/

    21) Vieri con Italia- One of the greats to play for italy, VIeri from 98 to 06, all of his goals;6455835;;/

    22) Adriano- A compilation of Adriano goals, great stuff;6483054;;/

    23) RimontaInter1Mbps_Stream001 SAMP GAME- Shows the Samp-Inter comeback from the viewpoint of the commentators calling the match and going nuts;6483126;;/

    24) Inter win 13 league- Highlights from that year where we last won the Scudetto before last year......shows the final day celebration! A GREAT DAY! Shows all the goals...HAIL GERMANS!;6460690;;/

    25) 5-5 lazio inter- Shows a quick higlight of the worst moment for Inter fans in the last few years......;6489564;;/

    26) INter-Porto (the one covered up)- Shows highlights of a Inter-Porto game....Adriano goes nuts...that's all you need to know;6489562;;/

    27) Zamorano-Addio- Zamorano is called out to the middle of the field in the San Siro to take a bow with Facchetti and sayus goodbye to the fans, then walks off in tears;6456391;;/

    28) Inter-Benfica- A great match, Oba goes nuts with 3 goals! And Karagounis has that killer run where he sets up Oba Martins! Recoba has two assists to Vieri and Oba, and scores a killer shot himself! Vieri with a shot that almost blasts off the top of the net!;6462002;;/

    29) Inter-Vlaencia- Vieri breaks his drought....Adriano does that spin move near the goal...Van der Meyde scores! Adriano scores! Stankovic scores! A great day! Inter applauded by the classy Valencia fans off the field as we demolish their team!;6457956;;/

    30) Inter-Samp comeback- Voice by Scarpini! The greatest game ever!;6489559;;/

    31) IUnter-Real Baggio- Remember before my time in Football we played Real in the CL...and Baggio scored two in the last few is the greatest domination of agame by one player ever.....WOW;6482422;;/

    32) Derby- HIghlights of the derby from last year..includes fans saying high to the players as they leave the bus, the callout of the starting lineups, and Curva going crazy after every goal! INcluding the last one!;6457736;;/

    33) Ajax vs. Inter Promo- A well made video showing INter and Ajax buildup to the big game last year;6489258;;/

    34) Mega Luis Figo Compilation- A great compilation of Figo's career from start to finish....for Bob w the batman it shows Figo talking to his agent;6460470;;/

    35) Inter-Milan last year from the same set of commentators that called the Sampe game on shows a group of journalists waching the game, many pro-Inter and pro-Milan, and their faces going nuts after each goal....crazy announcing;6457794;;/

    36) THe last one on the bottom you can't see- the best video....ITaly: road to shows every game highlights and is from BBC....great highlights....every game...all the way to Germany...cuz its called the Road to the Final.....

    37) Luis Figo Inter Milan Season 2 Compilation: All the highlights of Figo from Inter in the 2nd season!


    Let me know which ones you want me to upload and by which provider (rapidshares, sendit, etc.)

    And I will comply!
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