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    Hey my country Malta is going to change the currency to Euro next year has anyone gone through this change? What happened? Did prices of things really increase? Cause im hearing rumours that prices are gonna fly




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    In Portugal we changed to Euro in 2002 when it started, and the prices went up, I'll give you an example: in 2001 you payed 0.65 for an Ice cream, today you pay 1.35 for the same ice cream. In things like computers the price went down, but that's because of high demand from the market.

    However the fact that Portugal is having a huge financial crisis, and the raises in the paychecks aren't as high as the raises in the prices, has given Portuguese people the impression that prices went even more up that what they actually did.

    Nonetheless have no illusions, things will get way more expensive, mostly about the things you use everyday, like food and house products (cleaning and washing products), "beauty" products, clothes.

    In the technological items like, IPod or computers, mp3 players, cellphones, etc. the prices won't raise much and after a while you may feel as they became a bit cheaper.

    Again this is how it was (or I feel it was) in Portugal maybe you will get lucky.

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    When your currency is changed, the prises will definitely increase... We still have our money, don't know when/if it changes to Euro, but i can say in other countries, the prises all went up. Let's say even double, I remember when from German marks it changed to Euros, everything in Germany went twice up...
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    Yeah, prices of cheaper things will definitely rise.
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    the prices went up almost everywhere. but it has several got more to do with the merchants rounding up the price but your wage still being the same.

    In Austria it wasn't that bad however, but as an example in France the rize is really shocking.
    I remember that you I spent 2 weeks in France and pay for food and everything the equivalent of maybe 400 Euros. Like, you would pay 60 cents for bread, 60 for milk, you go to a restaurant and pay like 5-6 Euros for a menu etc.
    Nowadays, 400 Euros gets you through for a week at best. The prices went sky high. Right now paris as an example is probably even more expensive than London, but the people don't make any money.
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