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Thread: San Siro Humor :D

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    San Siro Humor :D

    I was going through Milan's website until I stumbled on this, Fabio, I think you were right about flares being illegel

    It is forbidden to introduce into the stadium:

    - firearms, explosive material, fireworks, smoke bombs, knives or other sharp objects, or any instrument designed to offend or attack poisons, dangerous or inflammable substances no need to clarify the laughs
    but just for the sake of it:

    - stones, bottles or glass containers and any other object designed to be thrown yeah sure

    - signs, horizontal banners, banderols, documents, drawings, printed material and banners containing propaganda or doctrines of a political, ideological or religious nature, statements or concepts which incite racial, ethnic or religious hatred, or which, it is feared, can obstruct the normal course of the game
    Like these?

    - to climb upon the structures of the stadium
    Zoom in

    What a laugh

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    It puzzles me that you were on Merda's website, what were you doing there?
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    You mean milanmania?
    Don't worry didn't you check my sig and avatar?
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    You should check me in the juventus board

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    inter fans dont go to other forums

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    Could we stay on focus ?

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