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Thread: Chinese People!!!

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    Chinese People!!!

    well, i was just looking some links of here and i found i chinese page, i think i can download videos from that place but i cant understand anything, please help!
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    I'm Chinese.It's all about Inter's songs and goals.
    If You want to download somenting,just tell me and i will tell you the RUL.

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    Sure, man, i just wanna download everything i dont have at my pc, can you tell me what does it have?
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    Hi man

    I'm a amater interpreter of this website ,we have to admit that we have lots of work to do,but please believe us ,we can try our best to translate Chinese into English,that's the goal of INTER.IT.CN,We are going to do serve all inter fans of Chinese and Chinese overseas,including the abroad,However,you know the job is a hard work,we have not enough people to finish the job,and most of us are college students.we need time,money and energy,On the contrary,we are lack of all of them.

    Please trust us ,we can do something for u!

    Thank u for ur visiting our website
    Forza inter!

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    there are so many chinese here , I am so happy !because i am chinese too!

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