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Thread: New Section ???

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    New Section ???

    Can we have a seperate section for polls? Currently we have polls in individual threads ... but these polls become obsolete after a while and yet continues to be there (e.g. Mancini thread)

    So why not have a seperate section for polls? time bound polls, mentioning the situation and reason behind requesting the poll.

    Of course it wud make the work of the mods and admns a bit more difficult - what do u think of the idea?

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    I don't think it's such a good idea.

    I'll remove these outdated polls and members can just request for a new poll in any thread they want.

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    I've seen this in another forum. Realy not a good idea.
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    Bad idea...

    Polls are better displayed in the relative topics. But it's true that some people don't know about polls because they are stranded in a topic they won't respond too, even if the poll has significance to them

    I think I saw something similar in a forum, where, there's a place where a new event that happened(like a new poll, new topic etc) was displayed. Don't know if you understand what I mean, but I could direct the admins into a forum to check what I mean
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    I also think it is not good idea... Then, we'll talk about the same things we talk in the other threads, with poll in it...
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