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Thread: Adriano out, C Ronaldo in?

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    Adriano out, C Ronaldo in?

    I know he has scored quite a few goals in the past month but he's going too far on this whole partying thing. I think he should be on his BEST behavour from now if he wants to be at the club and if he goes to a party the night before a match or two nights before a match I think he should be put up for the transfer.

    I heard a rumer about Cristiano Ronaldo talking to Adri and a few other players at a restaurant and also read somewhere that inter were preparing a 50,000,000 bid for him, will someone tell me if this is true please!

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    this should be moved to the transfer rumors sections

    Quote Originally Posted by Boys San Interista View Post
    Money where Sandrodiosi easily had could wipe the ass of azz off, till it was glimming again.
    Quote Originally Posted by skeet View Post
    he was one win away from a treble, so i wouldn't argue with his testicle oriented man-management techniques

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    blah blah hence this thread has been merged/moved to transfers section..


    edit: bugger i shoulda merged it at the same time but now can't cos im not a mod in this thread hahah..
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    blah blah hence this thread has been merged/moved to transfers section..


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