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Thread: The most stupid things...

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    The most stupid things...

    Websites: (yes there is such thing!!!)
    People: David Beckham
    Teams: Grasshoppers(NO OFFENCE but they always get into the champions league in FM05 but get put out VERY early, i think its funny/stupid)
    Forumites: I'm pretty new here so i don't know too many people
    Thing to say to your daughter when she tells you she is pregnant at the age of 16: I remember when i got your mum pregnant...she was only 14...
    Thing to tell your son when he tells you he is gay:
    Things that you have seen on TV: Dirty Sanchez- stapled their dicks to a plank of wood and lifted the wood using their nobs!!!!
    Excuses for no homework: homewrk yeah, good joke, miss/mr

    please add more, i'v just got a few things because i'm too lazy to think of more!

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    Another stupid thing is to open a thread for EVERYTHING
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