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Thread: WWE Thread

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    WWE Thread

    Tell me if you're on it or not! Although for me there is a huge stupid fake part in this Sportkind thing but I think it's really Entertaining!

    My favorite Wrestlers are Batista, Triple H and Shawn Michaels (D Generation X), The Undertaker and Jeff Hardy!!!

    And don't forget the most Sexiest Women on the wholewide world!!! They're So ****in' Hot!! CAN YOU DIG 'EM?!!!
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    I used to love it, actually I was obsessed with it, now it's just screwed up.


    1. Bret Hart.
    2. Shawn Michaels.
    3. Mr. Perfect (RIP)
    4. Razor Ramon.
    5. Randy 'Machoman' Savage.
    6. Superfly Jimmy Snuka.
    7. Sting.
    8. Rick Martel.
    9. Undertaker.
    10. Owen Hart (RIP)

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    nina, we already have a thread. Soembody merge it.

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    LOL I used to love this shit when I was 10. Shawn Michaels is my all time favorite.
    Then as I grew older, I realised all of this was fake.
    Right now it has become COMPLETE shit. I tried to watch it a couple of years ago, but the story lines are now so lame and fake, couldnt stand it.

    But if I open my TV, and watch Torrie and Trish in a pillow fight, I wouldnt give a crap if its fake or lame, I would still watch it.

    BTW good to see you back nina, my english hating bro. I am looking forward to hearing from you in UCL thread.
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