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Thread: Quantity Or Quality?

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    Quantity Or Quality?

    Only Inter

    Another Silly Season soon over and an ocean of new faces.

    Now we can start assume that the transfers into the club are almost done, although there is still about a month to go before the transfer window is closed. However, I expect that cesar will arrive at Appiano Gentile in a couple of days. Iīm a big fan of Cesar, but do we need him? As usual, no. Even though he is a player that fits into the system that Mancini is making us play, we already have players that are more than capable of playing on the left flank.

    The very first transfers Inter made during the summer was made without coach. The anxiety that we made transfers without a game-plan and without a coach was always existing. Eventually Mancini arrived at the club as expected. Have we then bought the right players to fit the system Mancini wanted? In some cases, yes, but there are also some players that I donīt understand their purpose in the club. Esteban Cambiasso is one of those players. That is his role in the team will be as a back-up player is evident in my eyes. But whom will he be the back-up of? It seems like it will be Davids he will act as the back-up for, but hold on a minute… Thatīs where Cristiano Zanetti whom has no intention of leaving the team comes into the picture. I sadly think that Cambiasso will struggle with getting playing time during the season. Another thing that speak against him is that he isnīt a pure defensive midfielder, and to have him playing next to an offensive midfielder might become risky.

    One of the transfers that has upset me more than any other transfers Inter have done during the season, is the one of Juan Veron. Not because heīs a bad player of any kind. But because he occupies the position I wanted Emre to play. I look at the appointment of Mancini as a long-term project and in this project I want Emre to take part of. However, if we bench Emre for six months now, he will want to leave in January, and he wonīt accept being loaned out.
    But now Veron is in the team and we can only hope that he regains his awesome form and then heīll become a fantastic part of our midfield.

    Edgar Davids is a player who has been a very controversial signing, based on the doping incidents and his previous career with Milan and Juventus. There are many fans who donīt want him based most on his doping suspension, and I accept that. I, personally, donīt pay much attention to the doping tests in Serie A ever since Josep Guardiola was suspended.
    The player Davids could become a tremendous asset for our team. Heīs a true upgrade to Cristiano Zanetti whom the last two years has been very inconsistent.
    There still remains the tactical aspect when it comes to Davids. For a lot of years now he has played in a diamond midfield and with another defensive midfielder. It remains to be seen whether he can be the sole defensive midfielder in a flat four-men midfield. That will be interesting to follow.

    Two fullbacks has been signed this summer as well. The first one was Giuseppe Favalli who I consider to be the most valuable transfer thus far. Yes, you heard me. I will definitely not look at Favalli as a starting player. I am counting on Francesco Coco a lot for this season, but his injury problems have caused damage the last two years. Both Favalli and Coco has their strengths in their tactical play and their defence. Coco is much faster and technical than Favalli, but none of them are any good at crosses. To have these two available on the same flank means that we wonīt have to do any tactical changes when the one replaces the other. When we have played Pasquale we have had to play the left winger in a more defensive way.

    Ze’ Maria was bought last week, and thatīs a player with a lot of qualities. He has too many qualities in my eyes. In our system he suits the right back position and we all know who plays that position and we all know how many games he misses on one season. I donīt understand the point by throwing out money (albeit not a lot) on a player that the last years has been one of the best right flanked players in Serie A, to use him as a back-up for a player who never misses any games.

    Two disastrous signings: Mihajlovic and Choutos.

    Thereīs been a lot of discussing regarding Mihajlovic and I agree with the majority of Inter fans. This person has no business putting on the Inter shirt. I find it sad that he has had the privilege to sign a contract with Inter only because heīs a buddy with the coach.

    Choutos is a player that I have never seen. However, I have collected a lot of information regarding this player from the Greek supporters. They have described him as a “injury prone troublemaker that misses open goals”.
    Choutos has thus far played two friendly games and been injured in both games. The Greek players are attractive on the market, but thereīs got to be a limit to it.

    Burdisso is a player I choose not to analyse since I have never seen him. I have to see him to make an impression of this signing.

    Facchetti and Moratti went out for a week ago or so, and said that Inter had to sell before they buy anyone. Sure. That lie was quickly revealed.
    Why does Inter have such difficulties releasing players? Well, my theory is that itīs due to our two Presidents statements. Who wants to throw out big money on players like Adani, Lamouchi, Farinos and etc. when Inter shows such desperation? No no… They are now sitting and waiting for Inter to become so desperate that they will either release the players from their contracts or sell them for a ridiculous price. Someone ought to put a muzzle on these two.

    We have now a squad of about 35 players. Not even Inter with their abnormal amount of injuries should have to use such a big squad. Unfortunately Inter seems to have such difficulties to release the players they want. It goes beyond my mind why it can be so difficult to release a player of like Adaniīs calibre. An international experienced defender who come from a great season, but whom was the victim of Manciniīs obsession of Mihajlovic.

    Certainly there must be some teams that are very interested in signing him? The same goes for Pasquale, who is a talented left back who would be perfect in a smaller team. It does look like Pasquale will stay with the team though. I hope he has bought a season-ticket at the stands of San Siro.

    The whole thing has become a parody where Inter are acting desperate to get rid of players, and at the same time continues to sign players that really arenīt needed.
    Although, I am full of admiration of the squad we have this year. I have never experienced a better squad on paper when it comes to Inter, but paper donīt mean squat if they canīt make it a team on the field. Inter, Juventus and Roma are all on a new path with new coaches and some new faces. Inter ought to have the advantage of these two, right?

    Jimmy Fredholm

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    Jimmy, is there any player in the world that you would be happy if he come to Inter ?

    Mihajlovic and Choutos transfer shows that our transfer politicy still sucks but I see it little better since Facchetti is the president.I mean Deki,Adriano,Davids moves fo example with are world class transfers.

    What is worrying me is that Vieri and Cannavaro still are at Inter since they completly doesn't fit to this team and this tactic.Sell them and buy Chivu and Cassano
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    Very interesting artical jimmy, I must say ther isnt much there that I disagree with but I think Cambiasso could be useful since Veron,Emre and CZ are all injury prone and in the past we have been let down by our backup CMs and this shouldnt happen this year.
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    I dont think juventus are willing to sell

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