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Thread: Torrent: Scarpini Highlights

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    Torrent: Scarpini Highlights

    I'm not sure I've done this right (never uploaded a torrent before), any probs please let me know.

    All Scarpini highlights including Supercup, no coppa italia or champions league.

    No Scarpini highlights were available for the last 2 games (Atalanta and Torino) so I used RAI International highlights.

    Also a hour long special after the Siena Scudetto game, a special about the celebrations after the Torino game, Pazza Inter video + backstage, Materazzi's Nike spot.

    Total size about 5.5 GB.

    If you want I can send you the actual discs, it's 2 dvds for the files, 3 for actual region 0 dvds I created. I'll only charge you postage costs (I'd say 5 euros or something similar), just PM me if you're interested.
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    Is it definite then that there will be no Scarpini at all for the Torino game?

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    Is it allowed to give the torrent links to some 2-3 people not from this forum?

    If not, I'll d/l the HLs of the last 2 matches in the weekend myself.

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