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    With the start of a new season, we will also have a new thread for all the 4.

    By the way, we will have separate serious rumour threads for players like Chivu, Suazo, Tevez and co. And please don’t open a separate rumour thread for stupid or baseless rumours like “Shevchenko to Inter” or “Lampard to Inter”. For those kind of stupid rumours and other general rumours, we would be having a separate thread – “General Rumours” thread.

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    Just to make sure we're all on the same page. This is the policy that we will now adopt in moving threads from Players & Coaches to Former Players & Coaches (Or La Grande Inter) and threads from opening threads for new players.

    Incoming player
    1) First the rumor start in one of the 4 general threads
    2) If it gets serious, a separate thread is opened (Sometimes step 1 is skipped, like the Lucio rumor, if the rumor is serious and out of the blue)
    3) Once the deal gets done, the transfer thread is closed
    4) The P&C thread is opened

    The reason why we won't move the old thread in the T&R forum into the P&C forum is because it's more appropriate for the first post in the new players' thread to be somewhat in the line of "Welcome to Inter, please do well" rather than some discussion of rumor.


    Outgoing player
    We will discuss the rumor in the thread of the player and once the deal is official, we will move the thread temporarily to the admin's choice forum (LGI or FP&C) and open a poll in the the thread, moving it again if needed.

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    This will be the new policy for determining when players are considered "transferred" in the forum, and threads moved or created. Any of the below conditions will be sufficient for the deal to be considered done by us.

    - "Official" in Gazzetta, Tuttomercatoweb, or Sky Italia

    - Player has a press conference or presentation.

    - Press release by Inter confirming the deal (even if it's not legally signed)

    - Press release by other club confirming the deal is official (signed)

    - Transfers reported by Lega Calcio or FIGC.

    - Whenever the contract is signed or transfer filed with authorities, as reported by a 100% trustworthy source.

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