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    Second Life

    Special Inter event on Second Life today
    Monday, 30 July 2007 12:06:42

    MILAN - On the occasion of this afternoon's launch of the new centenary shirt at the Nike Store in London, F.C. Internazionale and Nike have prepared a special event on Second Life. The avatars of Nike-sponsored Inter players Marco Materazzi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Adriano and Luis Figo will pull on the new home shirt in the Nerazzurri's virtual island before entering the centenary gallery, where they will walk through a multimedia presentation of Inter's one-hundred-year history.
    Inter is the first professional football club in the world to have an official island on Second Life - further confirmation of the club's leadership in new media after the success of the official website.
    Second Life is a virtual community of over eight million users where residents can explore, interact with others and take part in various activities using their three-dimensional avatars. The Second Life community is considered to be one of the most advanced communications models and a benchmark for the evolution of the internet.
    Inter's Second Life strategy is to create a laboratory to develop and experiment new initiatives for Nerazzurri fans in Italy and abroad. From cars and motorbikes to gifts and furniture, Inter Virtual Lab is creating prototypes of every kind. One of the first projects experimented by Inter Virtual Lab is a new bio-stadium built into a hillside, from where your avatar can walk or fly to F.C. Internazionale's Palazzo Durini headquarters. Once inside, you can admire the building's sixteenth-century frescoes, 'touch' Inter's trophies in the trophy room, and learn about the club's glorious history. This section is an appetizer for the multimedia museum being prepared by Inter Virtual Lab for the club's centenary year in 2008.
    Other features of Inter's official Second Life island include an official news stand and pick-up points for virtual shirts, flags and scarves. The real things can be bought by clicking on the link to access the official F.C. Internazionale online catalogue.
    The aim of Inter's presence on Second Life, an initiative thought up by Angelo Mario Moratti and developed by his digital media company Globalis, is to make the Nerazzurri's virtual island a meeting point for fans worldwide, a place where the club's global community of fans can communicate and share their support for Inter.
    From 15:30CET on Monday 30 July, journalists and fans can visit Inter Official Site on Second Life and walk through the centenary gallery accompanied by the avatars of Ibrahimovic, Materazzi, Figo and Adriano.</STRONG>
    How to join Second Life?
    It's simple. Register at to create your avatar and then download the free software. Once you have installed Second Life on your computer, you can access Inter's island from the link on our official website. Alternatively, type the words 'Inter Official Site' or 'F.C. Internazionale' in the search box on Second Life and then click teleport.


    ok whats the deal with this? has anyone ever been on it or actully understand how to use this program??

    Yeah help if possible

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    Downloading, and registered.

    So excited about the presentation .

    Edit: Ok..the program doesn't support Vista
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    Awesome! Thx for posting man.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sasuke12 View Post
    Downloading, and registered.

    So excited about the presentation .

    Edit: Ok..the program doesn't support Vista
    It works on vista. Just right click and set compatibility mode to xp sp 2.
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